Just Between Friends: Why You Need To Shop This Consignment Sale

This post has been sponsored by Just Between Friends.  All opinions are 100% our own! This post has been sponsored by Just Between Friends. All opinions are 100% our own.

If you haven’t been to a Just Between Friends consignment sale yet, you have to go. These sales come twice a year and I have gone to almost every one of them since my oldest son was born.

Confession:  On the day my second son was born, I stopped by the consignment sale during early labor to pick up a few last-minute items before he was born!

Why I Love Consignment Sales

  1. I try to be wise with my money. I stick to a budget (thanks Dave Ramsey) and enjoy getting the best deals I can find. Nothing beats consignment sale prices! I’ve bought many things for my kids that I would not have otherwise been willing to spend money on because the prices are so great.
  2. Kids grow out of stuff so quickly. I don’t want to pay full price for an item that’s only going to be used for a short time. Plus, I like knowing that when I’m done with it, I can sell it easily and not have it taking up space in my house!
  3. There are thousands of kids items out there. If I can find it used at a consignment sale I can tell how well it holds up! Based on wear and tear, I can guess how long it will last with my kids and if I can pass it down. This is helpful in looking at the types of fabrics and materials clothing and equipment is made from. If it looks good after being used by another child, it will likely hold up through my children’s use and I might even be able to sell it when we’re done with it!
  4. As I become more aware of how much stuff there is in the world – yes, I’m talking about Marie Kondo and the decluttering craze! I like the idea of recycling and reusing things instead of always buying new.  Buying a used item and turning around to sell my own means I can do a tiny bit to help this planet and the beautiful resources we have.
  5. The shopping experience is pleasant. The sale environment is clean, the staff (volunteers!) are friendly, and the items are well organized with easy to see signage. 
  6. It’s a one-stop shopping experience. This is one of the biggest benefits for me. I’m not a big shopper so if I can get everything I need in one place during one trip, I’m there!
  7. You can make some money! No need to make garage sale signs. You can consign your items and let Just Between Friends handle all the advertising, customer service, payments, set up, and clean up.
  8. They give back. Items that don’t sell have been designated by the consigner and are donated to local charities.

Just Between Friends Spring Children’s Consignment Sale 

May 17-19, 2019

There are scheduled shopping days throughout the sale with special benefits. Here’s a look at the schedule/ You can also find it on the Just Between Friends website, here:

FRIDAY is reserved for Team Members (those who help run the sale), Consignors, VIPs (teachers, military, first responders, adoptive families, foster families, and first-time parents) and they also have Prime Time Shopping. 

Prime Time Shopping comes with a $10 admission and an opportunity to shop first, with proceeds going to a local Plano charity, City House. Admission is $10 in advance or $15 cash at the door, with admission funds used to buy the gift cards or shoppers can bring in a $10/$15 cards to places like restaurants, WalMart, Target, and more.

SATURDAY– 9am is a designated shopping hour for special needs families.  General admission is $5 at the door or FREE if you text JBFPlano to 72000. 10am-5pm.

SUNDAY– Half-Price Day. Admission is free. 12pm-5pm.


Get $5 off of $50 when you text CCMoms to 72000

Valid all weekend.





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