4 Family-Friendly Farms With Petting Zoos in North Texas

There are so many family-friendly farms in North Texas! We had an incredibly tough start to spring, and I wanted to do something to treat and distract my oldest daughter. She’s a super animal and farm fan, so I wanted to share some of our notes on family-friendly petting zoos in North Texas with you all.

4 Petting Zoos in North Texas

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Picture taken at Preston Trails Farms by Down the Hobbit Hole Blog

1. Preston Trail Farms | Gunter

Cost: During pumpkin season: $10 per person ages 2 and up. Includes the petting zoo (plus a small pumpkin on weekdays). Free admission the rest of the year!
Stroller/Wheelchair Friendly: This is fairly wheelchair and stroller/wagon friendly; keep in mind it is still mostly rocks and dirt that you will be moving around on.
Best Time of Year to Visit: The store and petting farm are open year-round; feed cups can be purchased in the store. They have different activities throughout the year, but the farm is most popular during pumpkin season.

Top Things to See + Local Review of Preston Trails Farm:

Of the family-friendly farms and petting zoos in North Texas, this is the one you can’t miss, especially during pumpkin season. Preston Trail Farms is great for field trips and family trips. The pumpkin farm and petting zoo are so much fun! The kids love going around and feeding the animals. The maze and hayride are fun, too. And even though not much changes year-to-year, the kids are excited to visit every fall. Last year, they had some great BBQ as well. Don’t miss the great store that they have (open year-round).

2. Cathy’s Critters | Princeton

Cost: *Only open for visitors on the weekend.* Kids three & under are free, kids and pre-teens are $10, teens and adults are $15. Cups of feed are $3—they are big cups, so you could easily split between two kids.
Stroller/Wheelchair Friendly: I did see some people get strollers and wagons around, but it is definitely not wheelchair or stroller friendly. There’s a lot of steps up and down, stones, and different levels of dirt.
Best Time of Year to Visit: Any time you don’t mind spending a few hours outside.

Top Things to See + Local Review of Cathy’s Critters:

Cathy’s Critters has come to our school for in-school field trips before, so I was super excited to visit her farm and petting zoo recently. It was such a wonderful experience. The staff are all very knowledgeable, and you can tell they all really like caring for the animals. Our favorite part was walking around in the large pen with chickens, goats, and kangaroos. Of the family-friendly farms and petting zoos in North Texas, Cathy’s Critters is the one I would recommend most year-round. It really is fantastic. The animals are unique, they are genuinely cared for, and it’s a fun family experience. We will be back!

Family Friendly farms with petting zoos in north texas picture taken at cathys critters
Picture taken at Cathy’s Critters by Down the Hobbit Hole Blog

3. Blase Family Farm | Rockwall

Cost: Summer: $5.50 per pint of blueberries. No other fees. There is no petting zoo during blueberry season (end of May until the start of August).
Fall: $9 for everyone 2 and up. Includes hayride and petting zoo (and a small pumpkin on weekdays only). The farm also sells homemade popsicles, fudge, hot chocolate, in-season blueberry plants, and in-season pumpkins.
Stroller/Wheelchair Friendly: Semi stroller and wheelchair friendly. I had trouble getting my stroller up the first hill to the hayride easily…but it is possible.
Best Time of Year to Visit: During blueberry season from mid/end of May to about August. My favorite time to visit is during their pumpkin season (September to the end of October)! Check the website before you go to see if they require advanced reservations at the time.

Top Things to See + Local Review of Blase Family Farms:

Blase Family Farm is one of our must-visits every year. We love going to the pumpkin farm and petting zoo every October. It’s only about 10 minutes away from the highway—very conveniently located. We love the homemade treats they sell. We have a blueberry allergy, so we haven’t visited during that season, but blueberry picking is what they’re known for. Don’t miss the treats when you go!

family friendly farms with petting zoos in north texas picture taken at blase family farms local review
Picture taken at Blase Family Farm by Down the Hobbit Hole Blog

4. Heritage Farmstead Museum | Plano

Cost: $5 per person ages 2 and up; $1 for chicken feed; $2 for wagon rides.
HFM is more focused on historical farming, but it’s included on this list because you do get to feed the chickens.
Stroller/Wheelchair Friendly: This is the most stroller- and wheelchair-friendly option on the list!
Best Time of Year to Visit: They change things up throughout the year! You can visit on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Top Things to See + Local Review of the Heritage Farmstead Museum:

A farmsteading museum filled with North Texas history. There’s a lot more to see here besides the farm and the chickens! We’ve taken several field trips here, and it’s fun to see all of the farmstead artifacts from the early 1900s. The one-room schoolhouse is my favorite. There is also a house to walk through from the 1800s. It’s not your typical farm or petting zoo experience, but a great place to see and visit.

Bonus: Pure Land Farms | McKinney

(This one is just a pick-your-own farm, but it’s a lot of fun!)

Cost: $5 per person ages one and up. Plus $2–8 per pound of what you pick. You must reserve a spot online, and they only open them a few days in advance.
Stroller/Wheelchair Friendly: Not very.
Best Time of Year to Visit: They open every spring/summer for picking season—usually by mid May.

Top Things to See + Local Review of Pure Land Farms:

If you want to have a fun pick-your-own experience, this is a great option and not a terribly far drive from anywhere in Collin County. This farm is run by a two-person team; it’s a smaller operation and just for picking. But it’s a lot of fun. You can have great conversations about how our food is grown. Plus, it’s all organic with no pesticides. Remember to reserve a spot before you go.

There’s a family-friendly farm with a petting zoo for every season! Preston Trail Farms, Cathy’s Critters, and Heritage Farmstead Museum (more focused on historical farming) are open year-round. Blase Family Farm is a great place to visit in the summer and fall (petting zoo only in the fall).

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