Hidden Rewards :: Getting to Know Your {Extra} Insurance Benefits

If you know me, you know that I like to get familiar with allll the things. What do I mean? Well, I can tell you the best grocery stores that have the best apps that have the best savings. I can tell you the best apps that you can have a little side hustle with to make some extra cash. I can also tell you that my insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas, offers way more benefits than just a good deductible and out-of-pocket max.

How familiar are you with the benefits of your insurance carrier? Or did you not know that your typical medical insurance might have other extra insurance benefits outside of medical-related things?

I recently switched insurance after changing jobs back in February. I am now back with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, who I was with for many years, and knew I needed to get online and look at all my benefits, outside of the actual insurance piece.

If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, you have access to a program called “Well onTarget,” which has some really cool benefits. Log in to your account online and then click on Well onTarget on the righthand side. If you are on your phone, after logging in, you will need to scroll to the bottom and click View Full Website before you will even see the Well onTarget option.

Once there, it will take you to the Well onTarget website. This is where the fun begins.

Well onTarget

Well onTarget is a program that offers you ways to earn rewards. Those rewards then turn into points that can get you products. But not only that, they offer some great short courses on health and wellness.

Below will be your easiest starting point to give you a quick overview of how you can earn points through this program.

  • 1,000 points per quarter for completing a program
  • 2,500 points per year for enrolling in their fitness program
  • 200 points per week for visiting a gym (through the fitness program) three times in one week
  • 100 points per week for visiting a gym (through the fitness program) once per week
  • 55 points per day when you sync an eligible device (I use a FitBit)
  • 10 points per day for tracking your progress (you do this by logging in to the website)
  • 2,675 points per year for connecting a device or a mobile app
  • 2500 points, twice per year, for completing a health assessment
  • 250 points per quarter for doing a progress check-in

If you do everything above, including visit a gym three times per week, you could have 54,500 points earned in one year. Talk about some great benefits that are on top of your insurance and something you are already paying for!

Insurance Benefits: Points = Rewards

It has been quite some time since I’ve logged in to my BCBS account since it’s been nearly two years since I’ve held this insurance; however, I am happy to say that my leftover rewards passed over to my new insurance.

By earning points as listed above, you can purchase a number of items, from household appliances to fitness watches to books and magazines, and everything in between!

Between my rewards, and my husband’s rewards, since I maintain his account, we were able to get a lot of great items! All in, the face value of these items was about $436. I only spent $1.89 since I was short a few rewards.

Even after spending all my available rewards, I now have over 9,000 rewards points by connecting my FitBit, completing a health assessment, and doing a progress check-in.

Fitness Program

I paid for one year access to my gym; however, I plan to add on the Fitness Program here in the near future. For a mere $25/month, you can have access to hundreds of gyms across the nation. You simply have to call for more information.

When I was using the Fitness Program before, I primarily used Anytime Fitness and LA Fitness; however, I also used it at a couple gyms in Florida when we went to visit family.

The number of gyms that have memberships available for $25/month are slim to none. This benefit alone makes the Well on Target program worthwhile. The savings included in this perk are amazing!

The only reason why I found out about this great benefit through BCBS Texas is because I decided to snoop around and look at my insurance. While I became very fluent in the inner workings of my insurance, and can tell you my deductible, out of pocket max, what’s covered and what’s not, the best part of doing that research was learning about this valuable benefit that has earned me some great rewards.

Kara was born in Florida, lived in Washington State and California as a Navy brat, and then settled in Jacksonville, Florida. That was until work moved her to Texas. Her (then) boyfriend followed her out, and there they got engaged, married, and welcomed their son, Mark, in 2016. Then Kara was a surrogate and welcomed her surro-baby in September 2019. Her favorite hobbies including finding adventures (aka free things to do) on weekends with her family around town, spending time at her parents in Oklahoma, fitness and working towards paying off their debt. You can read more about her family, fitness and financial freedom journey on her website - Taking KARA Myself.