Kara Robinson

Kara was born in Florida, lived in Washington State and California as a Navy brat, and then settled in Jacksonville, Florida. That was until work moved her to Texas. Her (then) boyfriend followed her out, and there they got engaged, married, and welcomed their son, Mark, in 2016. Then Kara was a surrogate and welcomed her first surro-baby in September 2019 and second in April 2021. Her favorite hobbies including finding adventures (aka free things to do) on weekends with her family around town, spending time at her parents in Oklahoma, fitness and working towards paying off their debt. You can read more about her family, fitness and financial freedom journey on her website - Taking KARA Myself.
pretty desk with flowers and laptop, quit your job and change careers

I Quit My Job With No Prospects & Went Back to School

If you had told me when I was 32, at the height of my career salary-wise, making six-figures, that in the next two years I would quit my job with no prospects and change...
how to get on the same page financially

How to Get on the Same Page as Your Spouse Financially

Getting on the same page as your spouse financially will be one of the most important things you can do for your relationship. You want to have honest and open conversations consistently with your...

Your Ultimate Guide to DFW Staycations

DFW staycations are kind of my husband’s and my specialty. We love getting away for a night, just us, when we can, but we especially love exploring tourist spots and local hotels with our...

What to Expect Cruising During a Pandemic

I would never have thought I’d be cruising in the middle of a pandemic, but when you find a deal for $25 per person (plus taxes and fees), you don’t just run, you JUMP...

Gifting My Son an Extra Year Before Kindergarten

The excitement of sending our son to kindergarten was through the roof. He was set to attend a local Collin County ISD that was conveniently about a half-mile from our place. He would start...

Be the Village Other Moms Need

Hey there mommas! Grab some popcorn, I have a good one for you, and it all started this past June 17. As I write these initial thoughts, it's 11 at night. Here's my tale...

CCM’s Consciously Coupled Relationship Series :: Finding Alone Time Away from Kids

*Consciously Coupled* explores everything relationships from local moms AND a licensed couples counselor. We’re discussing couples therapy, the pros and cons of relationship books, tips on navigating cross-cultural relationships, how to find time alone...

How I Survive as a (New) Stay-at-Home Mom

In my recent post, An Extended Hospital Stay as a Surrogate + How You Can Support Someone in the Hospital, I went into detail on how I was a second-time surrogate who spent six...