5 Ways to Repurpose Christmas Cards

Do you find it so hard to throw away all those beautiful Christmas cards you receive every year? You know your friends spent time and money, whether on picture cards or cute holiday-themed styles. The thought of throwing them away isn’t keeping me up at night (blame it on my minimalist personality) but it does bother me, so I’ve done the legwork, friends. Check out these five ways you can repurpose Christmas cards to keep the joy around a little longer.

Gift Tags

If you cut out a small section of the card, you can make gift tags for next year. I love this idea because it saves money yet looks like you spent a ton at a specialty store. Just be sure to be strategic about your cutting…you don’t need a floating head on a tag—that’s just not cute.

Christmas Card Tags

Gift Bag Decorations

Christmas Card Bag

Okay, this one will save you money, too. Are you picking up a theme here? Let’s be resourceful and save money at the same time. Instead of buying new gift bags, you can reuse plain paper bags and cut out the cute card portions to glue to the bag. Voila…cute new bags.

Scrapbook Christmas Cards

Since we’re full-on adulting at this point in our lives, let’s get real for a minute. This is your emotional litmus test: If you find you’re having a really difficult time throwing away all the beautiful faces on those cards then you, my friend, need to scrapbook them. Your emotions will thank you. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, it will be a really special memory in just a few short years.

Christmas Card Framed

Framed Christmas Cards

No, it’s not what you think. It’s not an emotional overflow, framing special cards. No, this is going back to el cheapo. No reason to spend tons of money on holiday décor. Simply frame those cute cards and just like that, you’ve got wall décor checked off your list!

Prayer Cards

I saved the best for last. This is my absolute favorite thing to do with old Christmas cards. By January 1, we have taken all our Christmas cards down. We put them in a bowl and each day, someone draws a card from the stack. Whichever family’s card we draw, we pray for them that day, at each meal and whenever we feel led during the day. We started this tradition about eight years ago and feel it can be a great blessing to others without them even knowing.

Christmas Prayer Cards

So what are your favorite ways to repurpose Christmas cards? And while we’re on the topic of Christmas cards, bookmark this great article on ways to display your cards next year!

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