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So your little one has toddled out of babyhood and you see preschool and kindergarten on the horizon. How can you ensure he or she will be ready?

Every parent wants their children to be equipped with the necessary skills to get a great start in Kindergarten, and then be prepared to navigate their academic future in the years to come. 

“Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten are two essential stepping stones to Kindergarten. Parents have many options when it comes to their child’s care. It’s important to choose a program that offers significant opportunities for children to develop academically, physically, and emotionally for what lies ahead.” Ryan Maxwell, District Manager, The Children’s Courtyard

The educational approach at The Children’s Courtyard follows the HighScope® philosophy, where the emphasis is on active learning. Critical thinking, self confidence and problem-solving abilities are honed through strong teacher-child interactions. Students receive direct, hands-on experiences with people, materials, and ideas – and a robust Plan-Do-Review process.  At our new 21st century Children’s Courtyard in Prosper, Texas, STEAM materials enhance the HighScope learning approach.  Classrooms have been carefully curated with STEAM educational materials that facilitate learning using the HighScope education philosophy, and inspire collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. 

Classes offer a comprehensive, research-driven curriculum with something more: personalized learning experiences. No two lesson plans are the same because no two children are the same. 

 “With our School Readiness Pathway, we pave the way for your child to meet milestones and achieve success at every age and stage of development, starting in infancy,” Maxwell says.

Lessons inspired by STEAM – science, technology, engineering, the arts and math – help children in the Preschool and Pre-K programs further develop their skills as natural-born engineers and scientists. Over time, children make progress across 10 developmental areas, including Creative Arts, Literacy, Nature & Science and Social-Emotional Development. Dedicated, caring teachers embrace a Cycle of Intentional Planning for daily learning activities, tailoring the educational experience to meet the needs of each individual child.

According to a recent study of more than 6,500 children around the country, this personalized approach to curricular planning has led to three times the growth in kindergarten-readiness among four-year-olds in one school year. The results for this research, conducted from fall 2015 to spring 2016 at The Children’s Courtyard and other schools within Learning Care Group, are consistent with the study’s findings for the prior school year. This exclusive program is giving parents confidence that comes from knowing that their child is meeting learning objectives – and that there is data to prove it.

The Children’s Courtyard serves families with children ages six weeks to 12 years, preparing students for the next, and every, stage of a productive academic life. 

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