Katie Lewis

Katie grew up in Dallas, got married and had two kids in Austin, and currently lives in Fort Worth, which is quite fun and a great place for families. She's horrible at social media but secretly likes Twitter best. Favorite uses for her phone: reading library books and listening to comedy podcasts. Least favorite uses: making and receiving calls. If you've seen Death Becomes Her or Big Business more than once, you'll be best friends.

A Collin County Mom’s Guide to the Month of August

Well, here we are! It's hard to believe it's August. This summer has felt like one white-hot block. But it is indeed August, and for many of us, school will be starting ANY DAY...

Collin County 4th of July Fireworks, Parades, Fireworks Stands, & Festivities 2022

Time to get your Independence Day plans in order! Check out our round up of all the best Collin County 4th of July events and community celebrations. Be sure to double check the dates—the...
Collin County kids guide to summer

A Collin County Moms Guide to All Things SUMMER

Summer is here, and we made you a little treat to celebrate. This guide is the ultimate resource for moms in Collin County—all the info and inspiration you need to have the best summer...

A Collin County Mom’s Guide to the Month of May

I always think about how time flies for us as adults, but it doesn't AT ALL for kids. Summer will be here before we know it, but May lasts an eternity for our children! Poor...

Ice Cream, Popsicles, & More: A Guide to Frozen Treats in CC

Time for a new list of the best places to get a cold treat on a hot day. Ice cream, snow cones, shaved ice, frozen custard, froyo, popsicles, and more. When you want it,...
Best Mother's Day brunch in Collin County

The Best Mother’s Day Brunch Spots in Collin County

A few years ago, Amanda wrote a fantastic post on the best Mother's Day brunch and dinner in Collin County. I couldn't start this year's roundup without making sure you've seen that one—it's full...

A Collin County Mom’s Guide to the Month of April

Have y'all been spring cleaning? My refrigerator started icing up this weekend, and I had to take out the shelves and drawers so I could attempt to fix it (thank you DIY YouTube). I...
easter egg hunts in collin county

2022 Guide to Easter & Egg Hunts in Collin County

Looking for fun events or Easter egg hunts in Collin County to celebrate Easter 2022? Turns out, there's a whole bunch of options. Don't forget your baskets! Check out our list of activities below, arranged...