Banana Split Bar Party :: Easy Summer Party Idea

June is HERE and you know what that means…school is winding down and those long summer days are about to begin. If you’re like me, with a toddler who’s too young for camps but old enough to get bored, the summer days are LONG indeed. I will admit that I actually look forward to summertime; we have no obligations and we get to be a little creative with our days and activities.

I LOVE throwing theme parties; I’ve hosted everything from Miss America watch parties to Christmas Pajama parties, Kentucky Derby soirees, and even a Toddler Olympic Games. I feel a theme makes an ordinary activity feel exciting and festive! 

So needless to say, when it was my turn to host my tribe’s monthly playdate last summer, I wanted to do something a little special! My Grammy was famous for making us banana splits (she even had official banana split dishes), and so I thought a Banana Split Bar Party would be a perfect party idea to follow in her footsteps. And let me tell you, it was hands-down one of the easiest and most fun little theme parties I’ve ever put together. I had the idea literally the night before and it was executed by the time everyone charged through the front door the next morning!

I hopped on Pinterest to get an idea for some fun banana split toppings. And of course, as Pinterest does, it will let you take this as far as you wanna go—leaving you feeling like a complete rock star or completely inadequate…I decided to settle somewhere in the middle. (I love this Banana Split Bar on The Farmwife Cooks and this one on The Southern Couture.)

I happened to have some summertime paper products I snagged at the trusty Dollar Tree. I whipped out my red-and-white-checkered tablecloth, some Wilton Armatele dishes, and some plastic utensils. (See how consistent my fanciness is?) And voila, I give you a Banana Split Bar party! 

Banana Split Bar Toppings  

-Chocolate chips



-Butterfinger candy bars



-Cool Whip

-Ice cream

-Hershey’s chocolate syrup (DUH)

-Cherries on top

 I mean, doesn’t THIS make EVERYBODY happy?

There are a million other toppings you could add, like toasted coconut, flavored syrups, sprinkles, cookie crumbles, gummy worms…the list is endless.

I will certainly be repeating that little banana split bar party this summer. And since I’m planning ahead, I’ll definitely be ordering these plastic banana split bowls with colorful spoons and paper umbrellas from Amazon. (Seriously, is there anything they don’t have?)

I hope this gives you some inspiration for one of your summer days ahead. This banana split bar party was definitely a crowd pleaser for our crew! And in my book, a full house and a full tummy is a full heart.

And a sugar-coma is a long nap.

Katie resides in Plano and is a Stay-at-Home mommy who rarely “stays at home”! Between gymnastics, Bible study, and making the most of Mother’s Day Out, she is always looking for the next fun playdate in the area! Katie and her husband are both Mississippi natives and alumni of Mississippi State University. (Insert cowbell ringing.) They started out with a four-legged child, Manny, and five years later decided they were ready for the “real thing”. They quickly realized you’re NEVER READY. Greyson was born in October 2014 and has proved to be “a little Texas Tornado.” Her favorites include ANYTHING chocolate, SEC football, Netflix binge-watching, small town festivals, shopping the clearance aisle at Marshall’s, and throwing theme parties. You can read about her adventures, victories, failures, and everything in between on her blog, Two For One Wells.


  1. I love all your posts, Katie. And I’m in awe of how you do all those theme parties, but after hearing which “countries” you got on the flag quiz, it makes so much sense!

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