7 Tips for Election Day :: A Mom’s Guide to Voting in Collin County

On Election Day in Collin County, do you know who or what is on the ballot? Are kids allowed to enter the polling place? How do I teach my teen to vote?

Let us take the stress out of Election Day for you. Here’s a mom’s guide to voting in Collin County.

1. Don’t Go Alone

From start to finish, involve your child in the voting process. Voting is a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn about U.S., Texas, and Collin County government. The steps are the same, regardless of personal views. You can engage your toddler, child, or teen by asking thought-provoking questions and showing them how to find reliable information.

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2. Check Your Voter Registration Status

To see if you’re registered to vote, visit the Collin County elections.

If you are registered to vote, continue to step three.

If you are not registered to vote, you can do so HERE. (Be sure to keep registration deadlines in mind when preparing for the next election.)

3. Find Your Nearest Polling Place

Registered voters may vote at any designated vote center in Collin County, whether on Election Day, or during early voting. Log into your voter portal to find your nearest polling place.

For information on absentee and by-mail voting, click HERE.

Click HERE for information on voting with disabilities.

4. Mark Your Calendar

Plan ahead. Mark your calendar for voter registration and by-mail deadlines. Block off time to vote early, taking traffic and long lines into consideration. Have a back-up plan, too.

Each early  voting location has its own hours, but all polling places in Texas will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Your employer will need to give you paid time off if you don’t have two consecutive hours outside of working hours to vote.

A woman places a I Voted sticker on another woman.5. Make Your Selections

Download your local sample ballot, and do your homework. Maybe you’ve already made your decision, or maybe you need more facts. Do a web search of each candidate, proposition, or issue and find a non-partisan, reliable source of information.

6. Know Your Rights

When planning your vote, be sure to review your rights. Collin County voters’ rights include (but are not limited to) privacy, instructions, assistance, and an intimidation-free voting environment. More information on Texas voter rights can be found HERE.

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7. VOTE!

Be sure to bring proper ID with you to your polling place, if voting in person. You will present your ID to an election worker when you enter the polling area. Ask for help at any time.

Once you choose a booth, follow the prompts on the screen. You may look at your paper sample ballot while voting, but not your phone. Review your selections and bring your printed ballot to the designated ballot box. Grab a sticker, and take pride in performing your civic duty.

You don’t need childcare to vote.

Whether you’re using a mail-in ballot, curbside, or voting in person, your child can be part of the process. Wear a baby carrier to the polls to free your hands. Quietly narrate each step to your curious toddler. Give your child a sample ballot to practice reading or coloring in the dots. Ask your teen how she thinks the issues on the ballot may affect her future. Grab some stickers to instill a sense of civic duty in your children. Whether you’re a seasoned voter or learning alongside your children, you can be the reason their voices are heard. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even learn something from them!

Lauren Escobedo
Lauren serves as Beal Media Council member and resource editor. A transplant from New York, Lauren now lives on the border of Collin and Dallas counties with her husband and their two sons. On any given day, you will find Lauren working as a full-time mom, attending classes, storytimes, and yoga with her kids. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys cooking on a budget, crafting with her Cricut, and drinking mocktails with friends. Lauren hopes to support, encourage, and uplift other moms, as her closest friends have done for her.