My {Secret} Favorite Thing About Costco

This post has been sponsored by Costco. All opinions are 100% our own.

costco membershipOk, before I get to my favorite thing about Costco I have to tell you about the special promotion they’re doing for us:

New members will receive a $30 Costco Shop Card with a purchase of a new membership and sign up for auto renewal – between January 10-28, 2020, online-only!

Easy money, y’all. I couldn’t go another second with telling you. Click the link above (or at the bottom of the post) to access this online-only promotion!

If you aren’t a Costco member yet, what!? You should consider it. It makes a lot of financial sense, and I’m not even including the $30 you’ll stand to receive when you sign up by January 28 this year.
An Executive Membership also gets you 2% back on your Costco purchases every year! (up to $1,000)

I know everyone who reads here is interested in a good value because our most popular posts consistently have to do with tips and tricks to save a little money. That’s been Costco’s M.O. from the jump. I challenge you to find a better place to stock up on toilet paper, dishwasher pods, and laundry detergent. Or Pirate’s Booty! You cannot find more Pirate’s Booty for less ANYWHERE.

If you already are a Costco member, then you know they’ve got the goods.

Lots of organic options (including meats) and plenty of gluten-free choices. My top gluten-free pick is the Brazi Bites, by the way. They never fail to garner compliments in the check out line. Oh, and Costco has the best price around on Mionetto, my favorite anytime prosecco. It tastes much more expensive that it is, so you can grab a couple bottles to bring to your next Bachelor-watching get-together. Related note: Not all branches have a liquor store attached, but you’ll find great prices in there, as well. Pretty sure that’s where we bought all the alcohol for our wedding.

Ok, and now for my favorite part of Costco.

My best friend told me about it a couple years ago and I’m totally converted.

LUSTRE PRINTS at the Photo Center.

No need to send away to a random company for photo books or go to a pharmacy chain to develop your prints. The Costco Photo Center does it all. My favorite finish for prints is “lustre” but you can also opt for “glossy.” Every Christmas, I use the Costco app to send over all my best phone photos from the year and we get them printed up for the grandparents. Easy peasy, good quality, and a total crowd-pleaser.

It’s things like the Photo Center that put the Costco Membership over the top for me. They also have a Pharmacy, Optical Center, Costco Travel. Plus, they work with service providers for things like the Costco Auto Program, water delivery, dental insurance, truck rentals for moves, and more. My point is, there are major deals to be had here, you just need to take advantage!

Go on a weekday if you can, a weekend if you must (and reward your family with churros from the food court either way).

>>Click here to start your membership today!<<

Already a member? Costco is giving away a limited edition COSTCO TUMBLER January 16-19, 2020 in-store to any EXISTING members who sign up for auto-renewal (which means next year the renewal will go on your credit card). *While supplies last.


Katie Lewis
Katie grew up in Dallas, went to SMU, and spent 10 post-college years in Austin, where she and her husband Mick welcomed Gemma in 2011 and Ryker in 2013. They all moved to central Fort Worth almost 4 years ago and have found it to be quite fun and a great place for kids. Katie is horrible at social media but will admit to a preference for her Twitter timeline these days. Favorite uses for her phone: reading library books and listening to comedy podcasts. Least favorite uses: making and receiving calls. She's forever down to watch any show that's British, supernatural, or on The CW. If you can quote Death Becomes Her, Big Business, or the 1987 Shelley Long flop Hello Again, please get in touch because you are most certainly kindred spirits.


  1. Great tips! The Costco Photo Center for holiday cards was a game changer for me. Two years in and no more Shutterfly or Minted.

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