Introducing Food Allergy Moms of Collin County :: Join Today!

Introducing . . . the brand new Food Allergy Moms of Collin County! This community group, hosted by Collin County Moms, recently launched. It is an online Facebook group for moms navigating food allergies and living in the Collin County area. It’s a safe place to ask questions, discuss ideas, stay updated on what’s new, and journey alongside other women in the food allergy space.

It’s easy to join! Click on the pink text here: Food Allergy Moms of Collin County. Simply click the button to join, answer the membership questions, and the group administration will accept your request. In addition to this new group, we also host several other groups just for local moms. Check it out under our Meet Moms tab in the menu.

As a food allergy mom myself, the launch of Food Allergy Moms of Collin County is especially important to me. Other parents have been invaluable to me as I learned more about what it means to love and care for someone living with food allergies.

If you do not live in the Collin County area, do not fret! Our sister brands, Dallas Moms and Fort Worth Moms also host groups like this one:



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