Turn Your Next Car Ride Into a Game! {Free Printables}

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Remember back in the day when people would just…go for a drive? I have lots of memories of doing that in high school. But rising gas prices and environmental concerns kind of killed that as a viable pastime, huh?

These days, of course, we only leave the house for essential errands or essential work. That means for many of us, car rides have gone back to being something of a novelty. The next time you find yourself driving somewhere with the kids, remind everybody that it’s a rarity these days and try to have a little fun with it!

First item of business is to open every window for a blast of fresh air and sunshine. Then get down with some car games. They’re not just for road trips anymore. Obligatory reminder: Please don’t take any road trips. Not yet!

• Rotating DJ :: Everyone takes turns deciding which song to play next. No request is too annoying, no matter how many times you’ve heard it. Windows down, volume UP.

• Guessing games :: Again, everyone gets a turn. When I was growing up we called it “Animal, Mineral, or Vegetable,” but I’ve never heard anyone else call it that. Did I dream it? When my kids play, we usually make each round themed for simplicity: choose an animal or maybe a character, and everyone tries to guess. It’s so funny to play with little kids because they can’t really hang onto a choice; they just agree to whichever answer sounds best in the moment. Is it Spiderman? Ummm…. yeah! Yeah, it IS Spiderman!

And if your kids are too young, then play with your partner! Might I suggest you stick to a theme here, too? My husband and I often do “famous people” or “restaurants” to keep it challenging but not too broad. I’m not out here trying to guess ‘satellite dish’ or some other random thing. Let’s keep it fun, people.

Car scavenger hunts and “I Spy” games :: You can tailor these to any age. For little kids, designate a color and have them find as many objects as they can in that color. Or try to spot yellow vehicles. Not as rare as you might think, but just rare enough.

Since we live in the land of corporate chains, you could make a checklist of major brand logos for older kids: Exxon, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A…etc. Set it up as a bingo game for extra competition.

To get the ball rolling, we made a couple printables for you to distribute to those in the back seat. First, you have a fill-in-the-blank Alphabet “I Spy.” There’s also have a Car Scavenger Hunt filled with graphics of common neighborhood sights. {Click the links or the pics below to get to the printable version.} As a bonus, either of these could work for your next neighborhood walk!

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