Fusion Academy: Your Child CAN Thrive At School

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Traditional schooling can be so one-size-fits-all. Education in bulk. There’s just no flexibility there, which I can understand even though I don’t like it. When something BIG like school isn’t working for one of our kids, the frustration, worry, and fear about it really wreaks havoc on our well-being. “Our” being the parents and the kid, you know. We all deal with that fallout.

Luckily, there has been a growing recognition and validation of the different ways children learn, and there are viable alternatives for success outside the traditional school system. Thank goodness.

Fusion school alternative learning

Once our kids are in all-day/everyday school, we definitely get a sense of their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to succeeding in “the system.” I’m talking about emotional, social, and academic stuff here. For those of us who know that the traditional school setup just isn’t a good fit for our child, the hope presented by Fusion Academy…it’s like a beacon.

So let’s talk about exactly what Fusion brings to the table. First off, it’s an accredited middle school and high school (grades 6-12) with campuses across the country. The real deal. They provide a supportive, one-on-one educational environment for kids who aren’t thriving in traditional schools for a wide variety of reasons.

Fusion Academy says their students defy categorization, which we love, but for information’s sake, here are some general groups who benefit from Fusion’s innovation:

  • ADHD Students
  • Accelerated/Gifted Learners
  • Students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Mild Learning Differences
  • Students with Social Challenges and School Anxiety
  • Unconventional Schedules (think actor, athlete, musician, etc.) 

Fusion believes positive relationships are the key to unlocking potential in every student. With that mission, they offer:

  • Full-time enrollment, classes for credit, tutoring services.
  • Classes at three levels – essential, college prep, and honors.
  • Enrollment at any time (even mid-semester).
  • Classes can be taken at a time of day that works best for your teen. The school hours are 7:30a-7:30p for this reason!

These extra-special features of Fusion Academy are going to make you wish you had gotten to go there when you were in school:

  • Homework Cafe® where students complete their homework before they leave for the day, with helpFusion School alternative from a teacher if needed. This means no homework, guys.
  • State-of-the-art recording studio and mixed-media art studio for creative endeavors.
  • Partnering with outside therapeutic professionals to support your child’s emotional health and help foster a balanced life. I don’t know about you, but this facet of Fusion really speaks to me. Who wouldn’t want this for their child?

Fusion school alternative learning

I think the number one question parents have about alternative schooling is, “Will my child still be receiving a quality education?” This is where I think Fusion really nails it. They find a way to ignite your child’s passion for learning. They take social, emotional, and academic success seriously. Students are, of course, expected to demonstrate mastery of their subjects, and there are numerous quantitative measures which speak to the quality education your child will receive.

Bottom line, Fusion Academy commits to charting the best course for YOUR CHILD. Fusion works with you and your student to change your lives for the better. And if that sounds dramatic, well, school is a really big deal. Think of how you have been shaped by your education experience

If your child is struggling, look into giving them a leg up. Fusion Academy is innovative, and that difference can make all the difference in your child’s education. Take a look at some of these links to get even more info and arrange a campus visit:




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