VIDEO: DIY Wooden Plank Herb Garden Wall

This herb garden kitchen project is fairly simple to make and has an instant gratification effect…we cooked straight from the herb garden growing on our kitchen wall. Fresh herbs adds delicious flavor to salads, pizzas, and pastas!

I love weekend Do-it-Yourself projects and was eager to find one to spruce up my kitchen

DIY Wooden Plank Herb Garden Wall

Materials (this list is for three mason jars per wood plank):

1 wooden plank*

3 tiny screws

Drill for securing jars

3 quart-size mason jars

3 hose clamps

Enough pebbles to line bottom of each mason jar for adequate drainage

Hanging method (I used picture frame mounts; those felt the most secure)

Variety of grown herbs for each jar, such as basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, chives (or purchase seeds if you’re willing to wait)

Extra potting mix as needed

Optional: Labels for herbs. I used brown cardboard labels from the craft store, used a chalk paint pen to identify each herb, and fastened the label around the neck of the mason jar with twine.

*Measure your wall first. I preferred a 19 inch-plank for my kitchen wall next to our pantry, which holds three mason jars comfortably.

More tips: Use a wall near a well-lit window to grow your herbs. Water every few days, but even if they dry up, you now have dried herbs to sprinkle on your dishes.

In my video, I share in detail on where I purchased materials and you can follow along as I create my wooden plank mason jar herb garden.

It’s easy and super fun. I actually made four herb garden planks over the weekend and plan to create more for gifts such as housewarmings and surprises!

I hope you enjoy this project. Our kitchen smells fresh and amazing! I love watching the herbs grow and knowing how much money we’re saving by not purchasing them routinely. Herbs from the grocery store can be pricey!

Fresh herbs adds delicious flavor to salads, pizzas, & pastas!

I’d love to see your work! Have you tried a wooden plank mason jar herb garden? Tag me: Instagram @socialwithsarah_

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