Vanessa Sias

Hi, I'm Vanessa. Wife to Jose and mommy to three loving, rambunctious boys ages 12, 7 and 3. They keep us busy in the best possible way. I was born an raised in Dallas, Texas and am a hard-core Dallas Cowboys fan. My husband and I moved to Allen in 2006 after finding our 'just right' home. I taught kindergarten for seven years (in Garland and McKinney) and after having our third son decided to become a stay-at-home mom. Aside from the three boys occupying my time, I'm also a branding and small business photographer as well as a VIPKID teacher for students in China.
Fair & Square Imports

Unique Christmas Gifting :: Hidden Gems in Collin County

Behind every small business is a family. I know this because I own a small business and know many movers, creators, makers, and shakers who put their hustle day in and day out, most...
Michael Johnson Performance Training Center

How Young Athletes Excel at Michael Johnson Performance Center

With school back in session and everyone at home in a good rhythm, it was about time to start planning fall/winter sports (because with a house full of three active boys: #ITSNECESSARY). My older...
Being of Service to Others

Being Of Service to Others

As my children get older, I’ve noticed a shift in conversations, as one does while rearing children. Recently my oldest son (12) had an opportunity present itself at his school to join an organization...

My 5 Favorite Things at the State Fair of Texas

Originally published September 2019.  I'm sure that when I was little and my parents brought me to the State Fair of Texas every year, they had no idea just how much I'd grow to love...
Cool Gifts for Tween Boys

The “Cool Gift” Guide for Tween Boys

I have a soon-to-be 12-year-old son, so it's safe to say I've been in the tween phase for a little while now and it happens to me every year: birthday and Christmas shopping for...

A Letter To My Middle Child

Dear "Middle Little," as I'll always affectionately refer to you,  Yes, it's true, you were second in line. But there were many firsts with you that I'll treasure forever.   You were the first one to be...

If You Give A Mom A Day (without the kids)

For Cruz, Aiden and Rocco If you give a mom a day without the kids, First off, she won't know what to do.  She'll probably start by making herself a nice hot cup of coffee and then...

FIELD DAY at Our House Means CHORES

If you have school-aged kids or remember your own school days, you may think of Field Day as that one day in the year when tons of fun stuff happened, like foot races, dodgeball,...