A Letter To My Middle Child

Dear “Middle Little,” as I’ll always affectionately refer to you, 

Yes, it’s true, you were second in line. But there were many firsts with you that I’ll treasure forever.  

You were the first one to be born at home. Yes, your mom went a WAY unconventional route and sought the care of a midwife and birthed you at home. You were the first of your siblings to go beyond your due date, two weeks out, to be exact. You were the first little brother to your big brother. And you were the first person to teach me so many lessons that you continue to teach me to this day.  

The day you were born, things were suddenly different. I was filled with this overwhelming sense of peace and complete happiness. It could have been the surge of oxytocin running through me seconds after you were born or that fact that it was early in the morning on a beautiful, sunny June day. Whatever it was, I was here for it. You made our family a family of four. You (like your big brother) were my second rainbow baby after a miscarriage two years prior. You made my world complete.  Letter to Middle Little

Many things were done differently with you. From the way I let you explore freely as a toddler (something that I was too afraid to do with your big brother) to the way I didn’t let myself get caught up with how every other mom was doing things and took hold of being a mom of two on my own terms. 

I tried hard not to compare you to your brother, but that’s difficult for someone who has no point of reference on siblings. Your mom is an only child, dude; sorry. I had no idea about sibling rivalry, competition, and just how different you and your big brother would actually be. But all those things made life interesting. One thing is certain though, I always strived to be fair. Something that I still, to this day, try to accomplish.  

A couple of things that I love about you, my middle child:

  • Your quiet demeanor. You truly are the strong, silent type. 
  • Your dedication to see things through and give it your all. 
  • Your willingness to try new things at least once. 
  • Your creative side and how you can express yourself freely that way.
  • Your love of ALL things sports.
  • Your understanding heart. No matter if things don’t go in your favor, you truly understand without contest.  
  • Your curiosity about the world.  
  • Your silliness—even if you only show it to those most closest to you.
  • Your kindness. Not only to your siblings, but parents, grandparents, and friends.
  • Your organizational skills even from a young age.  

To me, you will always be little. No matter if you turn seven or 27. You will forever be my middle little. You’ve taught me so much about being the kind of mom I actually want to be. You taught me how to cherish moments because they go by so much faster now. You taught me about letting go of fear.  

So, yes, you were second and you may not have given me the title of “MOM,” but you’ve taught me how to be a better one.  


Your mommy

Vanessa Sias
Hi, I'm Vanessa. Wife to Jose and mommy to three loving, rambunctious boys ages 12, 7 and 3. They keep us busy in the best possible way. I was born an raised in Dallas, Texas and am a hard-core Dallas Cowboys fan. My husband and I moved to Allen in 2006 after finding our 'just right' home. I taught kindergarten for seven years (in Garland and McKinney) and after having our third son decided to become a stay-at-home mom. Aside from the three boys occupying my time, I'm also a branding and small business photographer as well as a VIPKID teacher for students in China.