Jessica Luckett

Jessica lives in McKinney with her husband of 14 ½ years, Dan and their two little ginger babies, Caroline (5) and Abigail (3). A native of Collin County, Jessica grew up in the small town of Farmersville and went to college at the University of Texas at Dallas. After spending 10 years in the advertising industry, she decided to stay at home with her then 1 year old and learn the ropes of crockpots and coupons. After a few years and one more baby, she decided to re-enter the workforce and balance a career in shopper marketing and a career in carpool. Since becoming a parent, her fave past-times include solo trips to Target and Whole Foods, Saturday morning breakfast with her family and finding time to connect to her small town roots. Jessica enjoys blogging about the adventures of raising two strong-willed girls at <a href "http://theluckettlife.blogspot.com/" The Luckett Life .

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