Real Talk :: Getting Ready for Baby #2

So your preggo with baby #2??  Are you excited? Nervous? Worried that it will all be a little crazy when the little bundle arrives? It’s a safe assumption that if you are pregnant with your second, you’re worrying a little about a lot of things…

Will I love this new baby as much? How can I go anywhere with two babies? Should we potty train before I deliver? What if my older child hurts the baby? 

And many, many more….

So, in an effort to share the love, here are a few tips that may help you as you prepare for baby #2.

The Prep.

Let’s just start off by saying that “nesting” takes on a whole different meaning when you’re preggo with #2.  Rather than worrying about the right Pantone for the nursery, you’re worrying about schedules, pull ups, potty training and safety gating.  And this is totally on point.  Making sure your first born is set up for success is so important.  Potty training?  Only if you are certain your first is 1) ready for it and 2) you have at least 2 months to spare before the new baby. You don’t want a regression on your hands. 

The real preparation? BABY PROOFING. 

If you have a child under the age of 4 and you’re introducing a new baby to the home, think about all of the things your 2-4 year-old could get into while you’re on the couch feeding the new baby. Do your best to manage that mischief in advance!

Specific areas to focus on are stairs, fridge, oven, pantry, exterior doors.  If there are ways to corral your toddler/preschooler while you’re feeding the baby, DO IT.  Portable play corrals are all the rage – check them out here

Talk to your child about the new baby – all of the time! Let them hug your belly and love on you.  This will make the love of a sibling feel more natural once the baby is born. 

The Delivery.

Been there. Done that. Check.  You know what to expect – which can be a huge advantage over a first timer.  Sure, the circumstances of your second’s birth may be different, but the one thing you know to be true is that you will soon meet your second little person and that meeting will be amazing. 

The Introduction.

This moment was one that I myself contemplated A LOT.   The main piece of advice I was given and will happily pass on is to make sure you let your first born have time to connect with you and you alone.  If not for just a minute or two – they will need to crawl up in the bed with you or on the couch and give you snuggles.  Then, when the time feels just right… have someone bring you the baby so you can make that introduction.  I promise it will be a beautiful moment.

Preparing for baby #2

Bringing Baby Home.

I remember our first night as a family was extremely rough. My 2 ½ year old wanted to sleep with me (we were separated for 3 nights due to the c-section) and while my mom and husband were there to help, I had two sweet babies who wanted me.  It’s actually funny to think back on. Here I sat, exhausted, 3 days post op on the couch with a newborn trying to nurse and my first born trying to sleep in my arms.  “Frustratingly sweet” is how I choose to describe that moment. I guess in this area, my only piece of advice is to give your oldest some snuggle and cuddle time, and when I say “some” I really mean a lot of time.  They miss you and they want their momma.  Remember that.  

Your New Reality.

You have two now!  Wow!  You did it!   I’m guessing your new reality will include baby wearing, double stroller strolling and feeding your baby pretty much wherever you are because life doesn’t stop when you have your second. 

Best of luck momma! You will do awesome! 

Jessica lives in McKinney with her husband of 14 ½ years, Dan and their two little ginger babies, Caroline (5) and Abigail (3). A native of Collin County, Jessica grew up in the small town of Farmersville and went to college at the University of Texas at Dallas. After spending 10 years in the advertising industry, she decided to stay at home with her then 1 year old and learn the ropes of crockpots and coupons. After a few years and one more baby, she decided to re-enter the workforce and balance a career in shopper marketing and a career in carpool. Since becoming a parent, her fave past-times include solo trips to Target and Whole Foods, Saturday morning breakfast with her family and finding time to connect to her small town roots. Jessica enjoys blogging about the adventures of raising two strong-willed girls at <a href "" The Luckett Life .