Where to Find Murals & Outdoor Art in Collin County

Covid, covid, covid! If you’re anything like me…that is all you hear about! You open up your phone, BAM, there it is. You turn on the TV, BAM, there it is. You go to the grocery store, BAM, masks everywhere.

Amidst working from home, taking care of kiddos, missing all the happy hours and adult interaction, there is something fun that you can do that includes social distancing and possibly a walk if you live close!

I recently went on a hunt for ALL the murals & outdoor art I could find in Collin County. If you live near one of these locations and it happens to be a nice day outside, I recommend snapping a pic of the mural. If you have kiddos, I’m sure they’d love some free entertainment and some of these murals are just gorgeous! If you end up seeing one of these murals, or if you find any other good ones, use this hashtag when posting the pic: #collincountymoms and we’ll credit you on Instagram!

Murals in McKinney

  • 120 W. Louisiana Street
  • 300 E. Virginia/Chestnut Street
  • Mellow Mushroom Alley
120 W Louisiana Street
Peace Sign
Parking Garage

Murals in Celina

There is a giant mural by Light Farms in Celina. It covers the side of a landscape building at the corner of Frontier and Prairie Crossing across from a field of cows.

Murals in Frisco

  • On the side of the wall near Summer Moon (go order a Winter Moon to go; you can thank me later!), there is a giant mural that shows a little bit of everything that Frisco has to offer.
  • On the side of a wall driving east on Main Street heading towards Preston Road, there is a mural that looks unfinished, but that is part of the mural!
Heading east on Main Street
by Summer Moon

Murals in Plano

  • On the side of the wall by Francesca’s at Shops at Legacy, there are gorgeous wings.
  • The side of the wall at Georgia’s Farmers Market in Downtown Plano has a giant mural that is separated into four parts. It’s so big I could only capture three of them.

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