5 Unique Playgrounds in Collin County

Recently my kids and I went on a quest to find the most unique playgrounds in Collin County. We love playing at parks, and Lisbeth has written some great posts on the best playgrounds and splash pads in the area, but we focused our search on playgrounds that have a unique feature that you can’t find at any other park. My boys loved helping me research this, and I’ve included their commentary in my summaries as well.

We had a great time at all of the playgrounds listed and are glad to have found some new ones to add to the mix. So lather on that sunscreen, prep your ice waters, and load up the kiddos to explore these unique Collin County playgrounds!

Zip Line Park in Cypress Meadows Allen

Mom Review: Connected by trail to Twin Creeks Park, this playground has two zip lines and unique climbing structures (including a giant snake to climb on!). I was nervous the first time my kids rode the zip line, but you can control how fast they go and it stops safely with no chance of bumping into anything. The snake and tightrope are also cool features for them to play on and different than something you’d find at most parks.

Kid Review: So cool! When can we go back?

Waterford Park (aka Rocket Ship Park) in Allen

Mom Review: This entire playground is in the shape of a rocket ship! Not only do your mini-astronauts have a blast playing on the equipment, but their imaginations soar as they fly off into space. There are some kid-friendly hiking and biking trails around the park as well. Bring your bug spray!

Kid Review: We really liked exploring the trails and pretending to blast off from the control center.

Pirate Cove Playground at Founders Park in Wylie

Mom Review: Watch your mateys light up with glee at this unique playground! It was built by the community and designed to look like a pirate ship. There are climbing obstacles for the big kids and a fun tot lot for your little ones. With secret hideaways built in all over the structure, this makes for a fun place to play hide-and-seek!

Kid Review: One of our favorite parks ever! The tire swing ladder and secret hiding spots were awesome.

Liberty Park Plano

Mom Review: This is an otherwise ordinary neighborhood playground, except for the fact that it has an old U.S. Army tank on it! My husband had as much fun as my kids climbing around on it and searching it for bullet marks. I don’t know if this was actually used in war, but based on the markings my guess is that it was. The make is a m41-A3 Walker Bulldog, which was a Vietnam-era tank.

Kid Review: It’s cool, but we wish you could climb inside the tank!

Windmill Playground at Frontier Park in Prosper

Mom Review: This playground reminded me very much of Pirate Cove playground. It had the same community feel with unique climbing features and equipment. It was built by Prosper volunteers with 100% locally-raised funds. There is one entry, several shady spots, and ample seating, all of which should make moms happy. My kids found something new to play on at every turn. Right outside of the playground is a little splash park so make sure to bring their suits and water shoes if you go during the summer.

Kid Review: This one was our favorite! Can we come again tomorrow?

I love discovering new playgrounds in the area, but many are tucked in neighborhoods and hard to find. Please comment with your favorite spot that’s not on this list!


Alice and her husband, Sean, live in the town of Fairview with their two active and entertaining boys Mason (Dec 2010) and Harrison (Sept 2013), and their crazy puppy Isebel. She grew up in Collin County and recently made the decision to move back to the ‘burbs from Dallas to raise her family. Now a stay-at-home mom, she previously worked in marketing for a Big Four accounting firm. She spends her time taking her boys on adventures throughout the metroplex, volunteering for their schools and organizations, and hunting down the best fashion and home décor deals. Favorites include cooking with her husband during their date nights at home, just about any adult beverage, and checking out new restaurants with her girlfriends. Follow along with her adventures on ;Instagram.


  1. Hope Park in Frisco. Dove Playground in Grapevine (though right near a water park). Rockwall’s Yellowjacket Park.

    • Actually I was thinking this said DFW and not Collin County. Grapevine and Rockwall are obviously not in Collin County. Sorry about that!

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