Lionheart Children’s Academy: Faith, Fun, Family, and Learning

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My youngest son and I recently toured Lionheart Children’s Academy in Plano. We did not know what to expect when we pulled up to Life Central Church and walked inside. My littlest guy is 3.5 years old. So, we are starting our search for a preschool. My husband and I are looking for a place that educates and nurtures the entire child with Christian values and an environment that encourages their spirit, sense of adventure, confidence, self esteem, and promotes a lifelong love of learning in a safe, secure environment. I will tell you, after spending two hours touring the amazing facility and meeting many different staff members; Lionheart Children’s Academy was all that and more.

As we walked and talked with the school director, I was impressed by everything this amazing academy has to offer. Not only is it a perfect fit for our 3.5 year old, but I was in awe of what they would also offer our other kids (8 and 11 years old). Lionheart nurtures the growth and development of all children from the tiny age of 6 weeks up to 12 years of age. For me as a mother of three, in different stages and needs in their lives; I appreciate that Lionheart is able to nurture, embrace, encourage, and instill the character values that we teach our children at home. It has been quite a struggle to find a place that works for all three individually and offers not only what we want as parents, but is also fun for our three kids.

We learned that Lionheart offers a variety of programs. I love how they individualize each portfolio to personally suit any child, any age: education plans start off when they are babies which is so important for the development of the child as a whole. Starting as young as six weeks and continuing through 12 years, the staff has such a fun, engaging way of incorporating Bible time, worship time, Chapel once a week, art, music, technology, and from what we saw, a ton of FUN! They sing, dance, and pray, and it literally made my heart explode with joy. Seeing such a loving, genuine, wholesome environment for the youngest of kiddos, is truly more than I could have ever imagined.

I had no idea that Lionheart offered Spring Break camps as well as a really fun Summer program. With Spring break rapidly approaching, our kiddos can get bored easily, and what better way to entertain all three of my kids at the same place, same drop off, same pickup and know they are being supervised, enriched spiritually and socially, being fed some amazing meals and snacks that I am jealous of, and best of all, they get to have a blast making fun memories.

I also thought it was really neat they offer a free “discovery day” for all children. For up to six hours, you can give it a test try and see if Lionheart is a good fit for your child and you. This Spring break, they have theme days along with fun, engaging, and educational activities, such as making a craft to take home, doing science experiments, and excavating a dinosaur fossil.

The Academy offers a wonderful summer lineup for school-aged children, including field trips, on and off campus to help promote learning during the summer regression, daily devotions, theme weeks with fun activities, and my favorite: community outreach projects! Being part of volunteering and giving back to your community is something very important for my children. I felt like Lionheart and my own family values and expectations coincided.

I have been reluctant to accept that my baby is getting older and he needs to spread his little wings, venturing out from momma. If you are like me and always worrying about your child when in another’s care, they have an app that will put your mind at ease. They use an app called Daily Connect, which gives you real-time information on your child’s activities throughout the day. Being able to communicate fast and efficiently with your child’s caregivers and teachers at the drop of a hat gives me so much peace of mind. When I went to Lionheart and saw how my sweet boy was so happy, fulfilled, independent, friendly, and a good listener; I knew this is where he needs to be. Lionheart is something that can grow with him through the years. Even when he gets to Kindergarten, he can still take part in the culture Lionheart has to offer. They even offer before/after school care with transportation to their school campuses, which I thought is perfect for working parents and us non-working parents.

When you step foot in Lionheart, you will instantly feel the familial vibe and sense of community. As we walked through the beautiful hand-painted, mural-decorated hallways, all you feel is love, a sense of calm, and peace. Not only are there a two Lionheart locations in Plano, but there are two other equally amazing locations throughout Collin County as well – for a total of four locations. They nurture and encourage growth, a positive self identity, a servant heart, and a love for life, learning, and serving others.

If you are searching for an amazing children’s academy that is affordable and will foster your children spiritually, educationally, emotionally, and socially; no matter their age, Lionheart is where it is at. Once you become part of Lionheart, you become family. There is an honest and genuine partnership between the parents and staff that is unlike anything I have ever seen or felt between educators and parents. 

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