Critter Club :: Weekly Animal Fun at Fairview Town Center

This post is sponsored by Critter Club but these opinions are 100% my own!

This weekend my kids and I did something we haven’t done in a very long time…we got out of the house and were social! 

Okay, I know, this is a challenging topic, but hear me out. I heard about this cool event happening at Fairview Town Center called Critter Club, and I wanted to check it out. Every weekend from now until early November, they share new critters to learn about and even interact with, so I did what I haven’t done in quite some time. I ventured out, and couldn’t be happier that I did this with my family.

Social Distancing & Critters & Bonding, Oh My!

I was a bit nervous at first because let’s face it, social distancing is still critical. But, I also felt the socialization and outing would also be perfect for my kid’s (and my) mental health. I am so glad I followed my gut on this one! 

We wore masks. We used sanitizer. We stayed a safe distance away from everyone, and the event was outside in a quaint little park area that I, quite frankly, didn’t realize was even at Fairview Town Center. We had our bases covered!

We arrived on time and learned all about the Kinkajou! 

The Kinkajou is this adorable mammal that looked like a cross between a monkey and a raccoon. He has a long tail that he wraps around trees at night and these big, round, beautiful brown eyes that look so curious and friendly. My three girls and I fell in love immediately!

A New Critter Each Week at the Critter Club

Yes, we got to touch the Kinkajou! Now, I don’t know about handling, but we’ll also get to learn about the spider monkey, coatimundi, leopard cat, lemur, kangaroo, and bearcat at future Critter Club events. That’s because we plan to continue these mental, social, and emotional adventures that were so good for our Ryan-family souls. 

(By the way, wonder if it’s easy to tell if someone is smiling with a mask on? You can see the gleam in my daughter’s eyes with the Kinkajou sniffed her hair!)

Not only did my kids get to learn about a new animal, but they also got stickers, had their faces painted, and colored sheets as they walked around and learned about the Kinkajou. Other people took blankets to sit on for the presentation; we just sat in the grass. It was a pleasant morning. 

Listen, we needed to get out of the house, and I’m betting you and your kids do, too. I completely understand that we’re all in the business of weighing our safety against our need for social connections. Being that this was an outdoor event, not crowded at all, and the staff adhered to strict social distancing, this event afforded my family and me something we’ve wanted for a very long time: some outdoor, bonding, fun time with one another. 

A Fun, Safe & FREE Weekend Event for the Kids

Moms, you need this, they need this. Get yourself over to the Critter Club Saturdays at 11am until November 7. Your kids will love learning about a very special critter each week:

  • 10/10 – Coatimundi

  • 10/17 – Asian Leopard Cat

  • 10/24 – Lemur

  • 10/31 – Kangaroo

  • 11/7 – Bearcat

To learn more, visit Fairview Town Center’s social media channels!


Jennifer Slingerland Ryan
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