Stress-Free Birthday Party Tips

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For many of us, the thought of having to organize a party for your child can be extremely stressful. After all, we just want our little angels to have an incredible day.

My son’s birthday is next month, and instead of basking in the joy of what a wonderful young man he is becoming, I’m eating Oreo cookies in the pantry trying to come up with an amazing birthday party that will measure up to last year’s celebration.

So, put down the glass of wine and the ice-cream container, I have few tips to reduce your party planning anxiety.

1. Start Planning Early

Avoid the panic of not being able to find a location for your child’s party or having to tell your kiddo that the place they want to have their celebration is booked. The sooner you start planning the more options you will have for dates, times, and locations. This also allows you to shop spaces to find the one that best fits your budget and theme.

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2. Location, Location, Location

When picking the perfect space be sure to ask what kind of assistance you will receive from their staff. The most stress free venue will be one that provides employees to help you set up, tear down, and facilitate the event.

Finding a venue that includes or provides food options can also make party planning a breeze.

3. Be Organized

Once you have chosen a theme, create a detailed checklist. List all of the things you need to do and purchase for the party. Be sure to include dates and set calendar reminders.

Also, the day before the party have all of your decorations ready to go. Most party spaces only allow you 15 to 30 minutes to set up, which is never enough time if you are trying to finish centerpieces or fill containers for a candy buffet. This should be completed before you leave and neatly organized in boxes for easy set up.

4. Your Party Planning Best Friends: Etsy, Pinterest, and Amazon

It is easy to have a party that even Martha Stewart would be proud of when you utilize sites like Etsy, Pinterest, and Amazon. By using these sites you will be sure to have a Instagram worthy party that will be the talk of town. Once you pick a theme simply search the sites for ideas and items.

Etsy is my party planning bestie. You can order themed digital items and print them at home. It is my go to for banners, food tents, and centerpieces. Pinterest is great for generating ideas for your soiree. Amazon is fantastic for goodie bags, favors, and tableware.

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5. Digital Invitations

Gone are the days of the old-school printed invitations. Digital invites eliminate the hassle of printing, addressing, and mailing. Not to mention, they save you a pretty penny.

Plus, I have found people tend to RSVP more with digital invitations compared to printed versions. This eliminates the stress of trying to figure out how many people are attending the party.

I personally hate having to reach out to guests to see if they are coming. Digital invite services like Evite even send your guests reminders for you.

Hope these tips allow you to eliminate some birthday party stress and help you to enjoy your child’s special day. Remember this is a day for you, too, since it is a celebration of the life you created. So, eat some cake and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Laura Riley
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