Mom Personality Traits by Zodiac Sign

Astrology is so captivating. Some people think it is nonsense, others can’t start their day without reading their horoscope. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you probably have some interest in the zodiac. Find your sign below and see if it matches up with the mom you are! Our moon signs also have a strong presence within our personality.

“Andrea” Aries {March 21 – April 19}

Andrea is soccer mom extraordinaire. She doesn’t have time for the Chick-fil-A drive through line and opts for mobile order. She is results driven and breeds winners. She’s never boring and is one of the first to volunteer for a task because she knows she can get it done better than anyone else. Andrea is a great friend but don’t expect her to be around whenever you need her; she’s busy WINNING. 

“Taylor” Taurus {April 20 – May 20}

Taylor is everyone’s mom. She prides herself in taking care of others. Her kid’s friends know who to call when they need an adult to talk to outside of their own parents. Weakness is not in her vocabulary. When Taylor gets knocked down, she gets back up, and then asks to speak to the manager. She is also the poster child of “stubborn.” If you tell Taylor that something can’t be done, she will go to great lengths to prove you wrong, especially when it comes to taking care of her family. 

“Gianna” Gemini {May 21 – June 20}

Gianna is the mom you don’t want to talk to until she’s had her morning coffee. She’s sweet as pie, but make sure you get her at the right moment. She doesn’t carry a day-planner because she thinks strict schedules make life feel stiff. She tends to overreact to situations big and small and in the same breath she uses to rock the baby to sleep she’s yelling at her big kid to flush the toilet. Gianna gets bored easily and will do anything from trying new coffee flavors to painting her living room navy blue to combat staleness. 

“Carrie” Cancer {June 21 – July 22}

Carrie was born to be a mom. She kisses every boo-boo and scares away every monster in the most loving way possible. She drinks iced coffee because she knows mornings with her precious children are more important than racing the clock to consume a hot beverage. She prides herself in her mama bear instincts and wears the “mama bear” shirt to show it. She’s even the mom of mom friends. Call Carrie. She knows exactly what to say to make you feel better about anything. 

“Lily” Leo {July 23 – August 22}

Lily has a stage presence. She’s on TikTok and posts hilarious videos of her toddler and her dancing their way through the aisles in Target. She’ll roll up to school pickup with the windows down, rapping her way through the Hamilton soundtrack. Lily keeps candy in her purse at all times because she never knows when herself or her littles will need a sugary pick-me-up. Lily is the all-around fun mom and she might even be the mom who lets her teens have a glass of champagne on holidays. YOLO. 

“Vanessa” Virgo {August 23 – September 22}

Vanessa doesn’t have time for funny business. She likes her coffee black and she has the same 4-oz. pour of Apothic red blend wine every night. She will never rub you the wrong way, but also doesn’t waste time beating around the bush. Schedules are everything and she syncs her entire family’s Google calendars to ensure successful days. There is no excuse for a missed assignment or appointment. She’s never late and expects the same from you. She’s a great leader in the home, in her mom tribe, and at work. 

“Lauren” Libra {September 23 – October 22}

Lauren is the mom every adult wishes they had growing up AND wishes they could be now. There isn’t a lot that ruffles her feathers. She never asks for the manager and keeps an open line of communication among her children that keeps life at home on a fairly even keel. She is deeply appreciative of her life and when things get tough she acknowledges that they could always be worse. Lauren loves her mom nights out, mostly because the time away reminds her how much she loves her family. 

“Samantha” Scorpio {October 23 – November 21}

Samantha has a fire inside of her. She always thought she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but when finally given the chance, she realized how passionate she was about her work. The world can be a scary place, especially when you’re looking at it through the eyes of your young children; but Samantha is an optimist. She chooses to see life through the highly coveted, rose-colored glasses. Don’t mistake her rosy glasses for being naive, however. Samantha uses a combination of intelligence, quick wit, and bravery to get to the top of just about any ladder, be it social or professional, and her children take note of her strong behavior every step of the way. 

“Sarah” Sagittarius {November 22 – December 21}

Sarah has an energy about her that is infectious to her kids. She doesn’t drink coffee but will sip on the occasional Coke or tea in the morning hours. She loves to write notes to her kids and leave them in their school lunch box to discover the next day. Sarah is room mom and a member of the PTA. She is always showing up to work or play dates with treats for everyone. Having a tough day with YOUR toddler? Go find yourself a Sarah. She’s got the jokes and the snacks. 

“Chloe” Capricorn {December 22 – January 19}

Chloe thrives on routine almost more than her one year old does. She wakes up before the sun rises every day to ensure she meets all of her personal goals. She doesn’t sleep in on the weekend and no one gets screen time until homework and learning activities are complete. Chloe doesn’t stay up late to binge her favorite shows or eat the all the snacks because she knows the importance of a good night’s sleep. Chloe’s kids don’t necessarily peg her as the fun mom, but boy, do they respect her!

“Abbey” Aquarius {January 20 – February 18}

Abbey likes things her way. She even has a hard time teaching her children to be self sufficient because it drives her nuts when they do things differently than she does. Abbey can talk politics and religion without hurting anyone’s feelings. She is inventive and truly interested in what others have to say. She is the first to tell her children that they can be anyone they want to be and uses her individualistic self as the driving example. No time to go to the grocery store? No problem! Abbey is so creative she can make a meal out of just about anything in the kitchen. 

“Piper” Pisces {February 19 – March 20}

Piper loves the arts. She was a theater geek growing up and secretly hopes one of her kids gets the vocal ability she always longed for. Piper is a bleeding heart and absorbs the energy of the room wherever she goes. Her empathetic nature and compassion for others make her a stellar role model. She is so highly in tune with her feelings, her energy can sometimes manifest in the form of anxiety, a trait she hopes does not trickle down to her children. Piper is an introvert but she always has fun at mom’s night out. The hard part is getting her there because she’d rather curl up with a beverage and a book in the comfort of her own home. 

Is your sign accurate? Let us know in the comments below!

Amanda was born and raised in San Diego, California. In 2016, she and her family packed up and took the 1,500 mile trek to north Texas, happily settling in Collin County. Amanda was a hairstylist in California, but is currently taking a break from the world of beauty to care for two young beauties of her own. When she’s not chasing after her kids, sprinting through the neighborhood with her high energy dogs, or vacuuming her house like a mad woman, Amanda enjoys exploring Texas, shopping, cooking, and catching up on her favorite television shows. Although she sometimes misses the palm trees and salty ocean breeze, she is proud and excited to call Texas home. Stay tuned for more on her adventures living the SAHM life in Collin County.


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