Best Online Photo Books for Saving Memories

I love to have our family photos printed so that our kids can look at them. I don’t like to order a large set of prints because I usually don’t end up doing anything with them. Even if I put them in a photo album purchased from Target, it still sits on the shelf unused! I prefer to make photo books because I can edit the photos, arrange them, and add captions and fun themes. I also tend to look at my photos more often if they are printed in a creative format. These are some of the most popular websites for online photo books.


Pros:  If you already use Shutterfly to store photos online, then it’s quick and easy to import photos for your projects. There are many themed templates and embellishments to choose from, and they are all fully editable. Shutterfly coupons are frequently available and there is almost always a deal to be found on the website. 

Cons: The amount of templates and editing options can be overwhelming because there are so many to choose from. Plus, it can be cumbersome to navigate the editing software, and it’s not always intuitive.


Pros: This company offers a seamless lay-flat option. They also offer mini books that are great as gifts to family members. There is another option for leather wrap on larger books. The website has themed templates with an autofill feature or you an create a book from scratch.  Overall, the photo book publisher and editing tools are easy to use.

Cons: Depending on which book you choose (i.e., the leather wrap), it can be a little more expensive than other photo books.


Pros: This site offers the option to use photos from your social media, including Instagram and Facebook. You can even upload photos right from your phone without using social media. There is an ongoing feature where a new book will be automatically and conveniently created every 60 images, and an email will be sent notifying you to make any changes within three days. You can even add captions or delete photos. The softcover books are under $10 with free shipping and there is an upgrade to a hardcover for $5.

Cons: This lacks creative flexibility and doesn’t have fun templates with themes. Although the book sizes are small and convenient, a larger size is not available.

What are your tips for the best online photo books?

Taylor was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She attended the University of Texas at Austin where she met her husband James. They lived in Arizona and California, and recently moved back to live in West Plano. They have a 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son. Taylor was a stay-at-home mother for over a year and then returned to work as a licensed counselor in the mental and behavioral health field. She enjoys yoga, exploring the parks and nature preserves in the area, and eating Mexican food!