5 Ways the ER of Texas Caters to Moms

When you have an emergency, the last thing you want to do is wait. Whether it’s you or your child that needs medical care, moms simply can’t afford to take more time away from their families than absolutely necessary. The ER of Texas is the perfect solution for busy moms who want top-notch care with compassionate providers and minimal wait times.

The ER of Texas is a freestanding 24-hour emergency room that provides emergency care completely customized to your needs. Whether you are dealing with a sports injury, a broken bone, a laceration, or something more serious like a heart attack or trauma, here are a few of the unique benefits the ER of Texas can provide.

ER for Kids. ER of Texas. Front exterior of building
ER of Texas Frisco is now open! Look for their new facility at the corner of 121 and Custer.

1. Convenience

Your needs are a top priority here at the ER of Texas. They’ll have you out of the waiting room and into a private room in 10 minutes or less. It’s always such a relief to be in a private space where you can actually try to rest. Keeping the waiting room time minimal is especially helpful if you have children with you who want to run around.

The ER of Texas works efficiently to assess your needs and get you the diagnosis and treatment you need as soon as possible. Any tests you need are done promptly on-site, which means you can get answers quickly. The ER of Texas is equipped with imaging such as CT scans, ultrasounds, and digital X-rays as well as an on-site lab. They also provide cutting-edge treatments to help you on your way once the problem is diagnosed.

ER for Kids. ER of Texas. Doctor and nurse looking at X-ray
The ER of Texas has a CT scanner, ultrasound, and digital X-ray on-site to help find the problem quickly.

2. Comforting Atmosphere

From the waiting room to your private room, every room is thoughtfully designed to feel a little more like home so you can be as comfortable as possible. The ER of Texas also has a beautifully decorated pediatric suite that is perfect for kids of all ages. Comfortable linens make up each bed and are ready for you if you need to stay overnight for extended observation.

ER for Kids. ER of Texas. Waiting room with chairs.
The waiting room features comfortable furniture and an inviting atmosphere.

3. Pediatric Care & Accommodations

The ER of Texas is prepared to treat a wide range of injuries from minor to major emergencies to people of all ages, including children and infants. The medical team is knowledgeable about pediatric injuries and illnesses and has all the necessary equipment for the highest-quality pediatric care.

ER for Kids. ER of Texas. Doctor treating child in pediatric room
Going to the ER can be scary for kids, but having a warm and fun room can help ease their fears.

The private pediatric suite is large and offers a comfortable bed (and comfortable chair for the parents). The colorful mural gives kids a lot to look at to distract them from a situation that might be scary or upsetting to them. I love to play “I Spy” with my kids at doctor’s offices to keep them focused on something else besides what we are there for, and this pediatric room gives you plenty of things to “spy!” There’s also a large TV and video games available.

4. Snacks in Every Room

Everyone is happier with snacks, am I right? A few perks that help make your ER visit more pleasant include free snacks and drinks around the facility. There are drinks and snacks in the waiting room, a mini fridge in all private rooms, and catered meals are provided if you need extended observation. This is a huge plus for moms who might have kids with them who are hungry or simply need a distraction.

ER for Kids. ER of Texas. Counter with Keurig and refrigerator with drinks.
There is a wide range of drinks and snacks including a Keurig coffee maker.

5. A Collaborative Team that Makes Things Easy for You

All of the staff at the ER of Texas work closely and efficiently with one another so there is no confusion about what is going on, what each patient needs, and what is going to happen next. The office staff performs quick and thorough checks with your insurance company and provides straightforward billing (FYI: they bill most insurance plans and also accept self pay). There is always a board-certified physician on staff as well as a Registered Nurse who works closely with the physician. If you need to follow up about something, a quick phone call can get you to the right person. No 1-800 numbers here!

ER for Kids. ER of Texas. Front office staff smiling.
The staff is friendly, helpful, and ready to serve you.

In an emergency, you have to make decisions quickly. The ER of Texas makes the decision of where to go in an emergency easy by providing 9 convenient locations in the metro with ER of Texas Frisco and ER of Texas Little Elm serving Collin County.

No one ever wants to go to the emergency room. But if you ever do need to go to the ER, the ER of Texas strives to make your experience smooth, comfortable, and as stress-free as possible. And as a mom, what could be more helpful than that?

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Kristen Gardiner
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