5 Tips for Staying Fit over the Holidays

Fellowship, festivities, and food! It’s the most wonderful (and tasty) time of the year. When it comes to staying fit as a mom, the struggle is real. We’re typically not as active later in life, and calories seem to cling to our bodies no matter what we do! So, if you’re like me and want to stay fit during the winter fudge fest, here are a few proven tips to help you along your journey.

1) Don’t obsess and stress.

Most of our goals’ measures of success lie heavily in our mental space. If you obsess over how many cookies you ate, you’ll go into total “I failed” mode and eat 50. You know it’s true. (And I’m raising my hand, friend, because I’m right there with you.)

2) Keep a workout schedule.

This is tricky because our schedule can get so out of whack in December, but if you plan ahead, you will succeed. Write down the days that you can logistically make a workout happen. Don’t try to squeeze one in at 10pm at night; be realistic by planning ahead.

3) Be flexible.

So, the 2pm workout you scheduled and planned for didn’t happen. That’s okay— remember point number one about stressing? Even if you didn’t get in the workout you wanted, try something new, anything to be active. This is where “family dance” time started with my family. As a young mom, I wanted to stay active, but my little girls were always there, so we had family dance parties and all benefited from the fun!

4) Meal plan.

This is something I’ve found so helpful, year-round. When we don’t take the time to plan what we’ll be eating for dinner, we’ll order fast food takeout, every time. That not only cuts into our budget, but adds so many extra sugars, fats, and artificial preservatives that are harmful to us. When we cook at home, we have so much more control as to what goes into our bodies. For the month of December, try some new healthy but festive options and plan ahead so you have everything you need on hand.

5) Be a changemaker.

The holidays don’t have to be centered around food just because that’s the norm. Decide how you want this season to be remembered by your family and start putting changes in place now. As you think through your traditions, which ones are centered around food? What can you do differently this year? Maybe incorporate a family walk on Christmas Eve or have a fruit-themed food challenge? The options are endless.

No matter what changes you implement, I hope you are able to enjoy, make small changes, and make lasting memories with your family. It all stems from being a healthy YOU, and it’s never too late to start.

When asking where Jennifer is from, she finds just saying "Texas" is easier! Jennifer has lived in cities from Houston to Kerrville but has resided in Collin County since 2007. She lives everyday with all things that sparkle, being a girl Mom of Zoey (born 2010) and Lexi (born 2014). Married to her hot firefighter husband, Daniel since 2007, they love their small town of Celina and their hairy German Shepherd mix, Duke. Jennifer is a Certified Life Coach with an MBA who founded Cheering On Moms where she utilizes her background to encourage Moms to pursue their dreams. Living what she preaches, she has braved stepping out herself and won Mrs. North Texas in 2019 and Mrs. Diamond Universe in 2021. When Jennifer is not Momming or Coaching, you can find her on a local film or tv set. Her and her daughters are represented by a Dallas area talent agent and they love when they get to film together. To find out more, connect with her at CheeringonMoms.com