Whitney Reed

Whitney Reed
Whitney is originally from central Illinois but moved to Texas for love. After enjoying being a single twenty-something in Dallas, she settled down in 2010 and married her college sweetheart (the guy who got her here). She has two sons and a daughter. Whitney works for a major retailer in digital marketing creative, where she has been since 2009. She loves Dallas—the amazing friends she has met here, the Tex Mex, the bluebonnets, the arts and culture, the mild winters, and having lots of family, including her in-laws, one of her sisters, and her favorite uncle, nearby. Her passions include reading, sports, (daydreaming about) traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

ADHD :: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

This is the story of a kid I love, a kid who has ADHD: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The severe type, the type that you see and secretly wonder what his parents are doing to...

In the Year of the Pandemic

Restless. Restless is how I would describe myself since mid-March. I’m trying my hardest to take advantage of this “unprecedented time,” but most days I feel like I’m failing. I’m TRYING. I’m drinking more water. Taking...


I sit in the room, waiting for my new doctor to come in. I know what’s coming and I’m ready: the initial questions, the purposeful discussion about my medical history. Then the doctor probes...

Three Kids in Five Years :: Everything I’ve Learned

THIS IS WHAT’S HARD I turn to my husband at the beginning of this football season and seriously ask him if we can hire a babysitter for the next 10+ games so that we can...

I Don’t Care What Previous Generations Think About My Parenting

Hi, I'm Whitney. I’m not a Millennial; I’m not Gen X. I was born in 1980 and some articles say I’m Gen X, some say I’m Gen Y, and some random ones even show...

Getting Back into Running after a 20-Year Break

So as I stare down my 39th birthday, I’ve found that things don’t happen like they used to…specifically, metabolism things. In the span of eight years, I got married, stopped playing competitive tennis, had...

Fun, Local & Attainable Kid-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

What beckons you? I almost never stop to think about my soul, about what nourishes ME and keeps me going. Is it sitting by yourself at a coffee shop? Or is it walking through a...

How To Be A Texan (An Outsider’s POV)

Here are my rules for transforming into a Texan (or at least tricking outsiders), should you find yourself in the Great State. Complain About Texas Weather. The weather here is the craziest. I’ve seen temperatures drop...