22 Little Things Saving Our Lives as Moms This Summer

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A mom and daughter put donuts on their eyes.Summers can be loooooong for us mamas. It may be hard to find things to look forward to when the temperature is above 100 degrees for the 30th day in a row, and the pool feels like a hot tub, to say nothing of whining and “bored” children.

While vacations are nice to break up the monotony of long summer days, there is still a lot of time left before school starts up again.

We polled LOTS of North Texas mamas and compiled a list of little things that are making their lives just a little bit easier this summer.

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“For me, having a laundry service once per month handle seven or eight loads and return them folded has been a HUGE help.” – Emily

“We found a new donut shop close to home that we love! We go every weekend and my son gets very excited. It’s a quick, convenient, and affordable outing.” Jennifer

Redbox. Family movie nights. Kiddos get to pick a movie and we get to watch something new instead of the same thing every day.” – Ginni

“Cleaning on specific days: I work from home two days per week so that’s when I clean bathrooms, dust something, change sheets, etc. Helps me not forget and also gives me weekends to relax.” Jennifer

“Working out once a day OUTSIDE the house. I enjoy HIIT workouts at Body by Chop in Aledo. I’m sure there are several other HIIT places in the DFW area.” – Katie

“The Skylight (digital) Calendar! My husband gave me one for my birthday. It’s a center for everyone’s daily chores, what’s going on for the day, meal plans, and a place to add to the grocery list.” – Ashley

“Evening walks and afternoon naps (as needed). Just leaning into the different pace of life for the season.” – Kristy

“Taco Tuesday and ‘soup & Survivor Wednesday’ (slow cooker soup + friends over to watch old seasons of Survivor). Those two nights help break up the rest of the week’s meal planning. Also: crock pot cooking in the summer means avoiding a hot oven and kitchen. Dump in everything in the morning and feel accomplished all day.” – Wendyart supplies for kids

“I keep a little tote in the car filled with paper, markers, stickers, and coloring books . . . and I’m all set wherever we go. On a recent trip, I kept it in my “mom bag,” perfect for the car/restaurants!” – Missy

Portable monitor. I work remotely and invested in a portable monitor at the beginning of this summer. Now I have more flexibility to leave my desk and stay just as productive at places like the library or a park patio.” – Emily

“Shoe basket by the front door so everyone knows where their current favorites are.” Jennifer

“Grocery delivery. I can place an order in the middle of the night while I’m nursing the baby, and it will be delivered to my front step between 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. that morning!!” – Elizabeth

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“The Cook Once Eat All Week cookbook is saving my life right now! Rather than planning and executing different meals every night, I prep a protein, a starch, and a veggie that will be turned into three different meals throughout the week!” – Chelsea

red bogg bag by a poolBogg bag for splash days, splash pads, etc. And a wet bag for clothes. I refill with a clean towel and keep sunscreen in the bag, often a swimsuit and spare clothes for my son.” – Jennifer

“Since I’m on summer vacation, I’m trying to take time each day to watch one episode of a series I’ve been wanting to watch! I never get to do that.” – Cheri

“Gogurt popsicles and splash pads for the kids. Big mesh totes for me to lug all the things. And sun hats with ponytail holes.” – Sarah S.

“My top three are:

  1. The Wonderfold Wagon because it fits everything and I never have to carry anything, and I use it everywhere. I don’t use a stroller.
  2. Tushbaby seat. I have two kids under two years old, so it’s amazing and very helpful.
  3. ifeed bottle for my small baby because she can feed herself, and I don’t have to hold a bottle for her.” – Miriam

Dry shampoo and embracing the mermaid hair. Doing less all around — fewer extracurriculars, trips, etc. Given, I have a preschooler so childcare isn’t an issue, we’re just having a 90s kind of summer. Go with the flow and let kids play at home, nearby, etc.” Jennifer

And there you have it! Tell us in the comments what little thing is saving your life right now.

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