Easy Summer Trends To Try Now

Summer Trend #1: Black & White

To the point. Sharp. Clean. Timeless. So much potential. 

Solid black or white pieces are far from simple wardrobe staples. Right now they are being worked in all new ways and I am totally here for it. Let’s be honest here, what postpartum mama (whether it’s been eight months or eight years) doesn’t love some solid black basics to slim the figure? Black is one of the most flattering colors. I have my favorite black leggings, my favorite black tank, and of course my favorite black (faux) leather jacket. I’m quite predictable, not only because I like a little edge to my style, but I like to give the illusion of a trimmer waistline. I do, however, like to be on trend as well. That’s why I am loving the new trends in basics – cut-out details, eyelet patterns, white on bottom with dark on top (an hourglass illusion, ladies), and amazing pops of color worked in between. For more on how to work in these pops, keep reading.

If you have eyes, you’ve probably noticed that this season is screaming color me all kinds of wonderful. Going to the gym? Neon. Going to a party? Pastels. Summer break at the beach? Neon and pastel florals. Color is everywhere and although I’m a black-on-black girl at heart, I am loving it. The question is, are these trends causing painful 90’s PTSD (fashion edition) or are they being done right?

Summer Trend #2: Neon

I’m not going to lie, when these bright colors first started peeking through the winter doldrums a few months ago, I wasn’t convinced. Dancing to the tune of, “But does this come in black?” is ALWAYS on my lips. I honestly think the only place I’ve put neon in the last 10 years is my day planner when highlighting and color coding important dates.

Lo and behold, curiosity got the best of me and I worked in some #neon (we’re talking highlighter yellow and bubble gum pink) into some of my looks recently. That’s when I fell in love and quickly boarded the neon train in 2019. Things have spiraled out of control from there and my wardrobe is looking a little too happy these days. 

Now I know the 90’s neon extravaganza surely left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, but if you can get past that bitterness, you’ll see that when worked into a wardrobe appropriately, neon takes an outfit from an unnoticed whisper to a captivating song.

You do have to be careful, however. Neon can be easily overdone, too much pastel can wash you out, and florals need to be carefully complemented with a solid of some sort.  A little goes a lonnnnggggg way, but I’m also not going to judge if you’re braver than me and blow it out of the water. 

Summer Trend #3: Camo

This one started in 2018, but it’s hotter than ever in 2019. I am a huge fan of camo done right. Some camo patterns look extremely cheap, but with the right color saturation and ratios, it can look amazing and even feminine. Surprisingly, camo looks stunning with a pop of neon, as well. I wouldn’t recommend styling it with pastels, but the right highlight and BAM! Mom knows what is going on!

I’m loving camo leggings and shorts right now, but you can totally work in this pattern on top, too. As we’re creeping into the melting days of strong sun, I’ll be on the look out for some cute camo tanks to pair with white or black shorts. Again, take the black and white basics to a different level.

Summer Trend #4: Bike Shorts

I’m not sure how I feel about this one – but BIKE SHORTS are back in. This is huge right now, especially in the realm of athleisure. I absolutely hate them on me. I’m average height, but with a long torso and short legs. So, me in biker-length shorts is an absolute no go, as they give the illusion of even stumpier legs with my body proportions. That said, I’m not hating the trend itself because I’ve seen them look adorable on others. They’re especially fun in prints (think animal) with a solid top. If you want to try this trend, now is the time to do it, because although it’s hot now, I’m not sure it’s going to make it to 2020. 

Feeling trendy yet, mama?

{Photo credits: RC PhotogrAphy, Kailyn Simmons, and Meridith Bowling}

Amanda Krahel
Amanda was born and raised in San Diego, California. In 2016, she and her family packed up and took the 1,500 mile trek to north Texas, happily settling in Collin County. Amanda was a hairstylist in California, but is currently taking a break from the world of beauty to care for two young beauties of her own. When she’s not chasing after her kids, sprinting through the neighborhood with her high energy dogs, or vacuuming her house like a mad woman, Amanda enjoys exploring Texas, shopping, cooking, and catching up on her favorite television shows. Although she sometimes misses the palm trees and salty ocean breeze, she is proud and excited to call Texas home. Stay tuned for more on her adventures living the SAHM life in Collin County.