Tips for Less Stress When Traveling with Kids

2021 is my wanderlust year, because being safe and quarantined with two kids under the age of five for over a year will do that to you. My urge to travel and plan has never been stronger, and traveling with kids is not an easy feat. Traveling with kids is not a vacation, it’s flying or driving to a different city with all the same responsibilities. Luckily, there are easy ways to make it less stressful when it comes to planning, packing, and having fun while traveling with kids.

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Packing Cubes These are a lifesaver; no more unorganized chaos being thrown around in a suitcase. I use these with every trip, where each person has their own colored cubes and everything is organized and stored in one place. I use compression cubes, which makes things smaller and more compact.

Spreadsheets– I dislike spreadsheets, but when it comes to planning and packing for a trip they are a lifesavers. I have a master packing spreadsheet that I use for every trip with basic necessities that we use for the whole family no matter what kind of trip we are on. I also create a spreadsheet specific to the trip that we are going on. These spreadsheets definitely help me organize and plan trips ahead of time and curb my anxiety.

Backpacks– My husband and I both carry backpacks when we travel, and each backpack has a purpose. My backpack has the snacks, medicine, extra clothes, and drinks. My husband’s backpack has chargers, iPad, and toys.

Documents– I learned this the hard way along time ago: Make sure to print, screenshot, and save emails that are related to your trip. This means any reservation that you make with airlines, car rental companies, restaurants, excursions, hotels…anything trip related.

Tablet & Snacks– This is how I survive any trip with kids: unlimited access to snacks and tablet time. Download all the movies and TV episodes you can before your trip. Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Hulu allow you to download episodes and movies and watch them without data or WiFi. Snacks are essential when traveling with kids; I usually bring all my kids’ favorites and my backpack is stuffed with snacks and treats for adults and kids.

Packing and planning a trip always stresses me out, but these few tips and tricks help ease my anxiety. The one thing I always remind myself while I’m traveling with my kids is to enjoy the moment and try to have fun!

Ashley was born and raised in North Texas and settled down in Frisco. She met her husband while playing intramural basketball at UNT. Ashley taught Pre-K and then was a trainer for a technology company until having her little one.She loves cooking, going for walks with the whole family and watching HGTV and Food Network. She's loves to keep up with the latest tech gadgets and is the nerd of the family. She and her husband own pandachans productions, which specialize in video production. She spends her free time trying to finish her adult coloring book, reading the news and enjoying home life with her little one.


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