VIDEO :: Stress-Free, DIY Homemade Gingerbread Houses & Snow Globes


My gift to you this holiday season…

  • You don’t HAVE to bake the gingerbread house!
  • There are enough handmade ornaments on the tree. A precious homemade snow globe is unique, a fresh take on holiday crafting and will give your kids some entertainment.


A Pre Built Gingerbread House with the candy will save time!
You don’t have to add water! I share how to make these with and without the water

Pre-Built, No-Bake Gingerbread House Decorating 

I don’t know about you, but my son is less interested in the “construction” piece of the gingerbread house and more about the candy!

Not to mention, I personally STRESS over the gingerbread pieces breaking and not fitting perfectly. Leave the stress behind and buy the pre-built gingerbread house WITH the candy. This will save so much time!

PRO TIP: I found the BEST fluffy and spongy icing in a tube for a freshly fallen snow look is cupcake frosting! I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS!

Best icing ever!

I love a good gingerbread baking session, but as I mentioned above my son is LESS interested in the baking and loves the decorating piece. Most gingerbread recipes require the dough to chill in the fridge for a few hours and WHO has time for that..especially around the holidays?

In my video, I share where I found these yummy gingerbread snaps that are easy to decorate and have a melt-in-your-mouth gingerbread flavor! Decorate these guys and indulge!

DIY Snow Globe With or Without the Water 

What I love about do-it-yourself snow globes is how unique this activity is. Let your kids pick their little wintery scene, perhaps include tiny toys they no longer play with, or old ornaments. I had extra glittery pinecones from our Christmas tree that look so magical!

Secure the items by hot-gluing them to the inside of a mason jar lid. I think the 8-oz. jars are best. We found little holiday figures and tiny pine trees at The Dollar Tree store. Keep in mind these figures need to be small to fit on the lid.

I recommend NOT adding water if you have young kids who will open the jars. If you do add water and glitter, I found that adding a couple drops of glycerin will make the glitter swirl around like a winter snowstorm. So pretty! Just make sure to tighten those lids to avoid big spills.

This craft also is a fun personalized gift idea. Have a blast and remember, document your moments. Our kids grow up so fast it it is so fun to reflect year after year!

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