Easy Yet Appreciated Holiday Gifts for Teachers

Teachers are often with our kids for more hours of the day than we are; they mold and form young minds all day, every day. Teachers are some of the most important people in our children’s lives, and they especially deserve our love and appreciation during the holidays.

As a former teacher, I wanted to share a few favorite gifts that I always loved to receive from my students.

mom or teacher helping two girls with schoolwork

5 Great Holiday Gifts for Teachers

Gift Cards

These are easiest and best way to show much how you appreciate the hard work your kids’ teachers put into each school day. Whether it’s to their favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or even Amazon, any gift card will be appreciated. 


Most teachers don’t have the money/time to splurge on regular self care like massages and pedicures. Why not get them a gift certificate to enjoy a few hours to themselves and relieve the stress of teaching. 


Teachers can never have too many books in their classrooms. Teachers are nerds at heart and love filling their rooms with books. Books are an inexpensive way to help teachers build their classroom libraries and create a diverse selection of books from different families.

Restock School Supplies

In August, most teachers classrooms are filled with supplies and tools for their class. By December, we are using the last tissue box and pencils are scarce. Restock your teachers supplies with their favorite pens/writing tools, tissues, crayons, and whatever was on the school supply list from August. These gifts save teachers time and money, and they will greatly appreciate any help they can get. 

Parental Involvement

I know this sounds like a cliché gift, but all teachers truly want is to see each of their students succeed and flourish. The best way to achieve this is having parents involved in their child’s education. Sit and do homework with your child, read together every night, join PTA, and support your child and your child’s education all year long.

wrapping a christmas gift for teachers

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What holiday gifts for teachers do you recommend?

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