Pumpkin Party: Fun At-Home Halloween Alternative

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I remember, as a kid, the one year my parents had me stay home from trick-or-treating. I was so bummed, but I kept my Cleopatra costume on and handed out candy all night! Nothing was going to stop me from celebrating. I don’t want my kids to miss out on the Halloween fun this year either! With some brainstorming, inspiration from Peppa Pig, and a lot of Amazon searches, we have decided to throw a Pumpkin Party!

Carved Halloween Pumpkins
Lighted Carved Halloween Pumpkins – Canva

The games will be plentiful at our Pumpkin Party, the decorations will be an added bonus, and you can bet that there will be lots of candy and prizes to fill my kids’ pumpkin-shaped buckets! Chances are you have some of these game items on hand or have great substitutions right there in your home. There is still a bit of time to order from Amazon, if you wish, and have them arrive on time. A quick visit to your local party store, Dollar Tree, Walmart or Target, can help you gather other items to add to the magic of the Pumpkin Party!

Pumpkin Party Games

  1. Ring Toss – I found this cute Spider Ring Toss Game. A game of Horseshoes would also be a great option!
  2. Can Tower Tumble – This is great set of cans for the game. You can also grab some cans from your pantry, some small amazon boxes, or any other small containers to make the tower.
  3. Indoor Fishing – This is a cute duck pond game that can be used indoors or outdoors. Another option would be to get some bath toys, fill your bathtub, and use a net to catch them. With a Sharpie, you could put little stars on the bottom so the kids can earn prizes.
  4. Halloween Bingo – I found several options for Fall-themed bingo, but you might have a bingo game in your game closet already!
  5. Candyland Game – This game is usually a household game closet staple. A twist for the party would be that anytime someone draws one of the sweets/candy cards, they earn a prize!
  6. Puzzle Challenge – Grab a low-piece count puzzle for this challenge. Each player gets their own puzzle to solve and whoever completes it first wins a prize!
Halloween Lollipops
Halloween Themed Lollipops on a Platter – Canva

The finishing touches for the Pumpkin Party are listed below. We’ve got music, small prizes, and some decoration options. I’m already so excited about this awesome night and creating this memory for the kids!

Halloween Decorations, Prizes, & Music

  1. Prizes for the Games – Bulk Halloween Prizes, Punch Balloons, Glow-in-the-dark Set
  2. DecorationsHanging Lanterns & Fans, Pumpkin Lights, Streamers, Bats, Skeleton Door Cover, Spider Webs, Halloween Window Decal Set
  3. Music to Set the MoodHalloween Instrumental, Happy Vibes Music, Happy Autumn Music

I hope you have a wonderful time at your Pumpkin Party! My kids have no idea that this is happening yet. I can’t wait to hear their giggles and see their smiles at this surprise! I’ll be sharing some pics from our event on my Instagram. Be sure to tag Collin County Moms in any pics from your Pumpkin Party fun together by using the hashtag #collincountymoms For more Halloween celebration alternatives, be sure to check out this post by a fellow CCM writer!

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