Home Decor Hack: Hanging Large Picture Frames on a Budget

Large picture frames can be expensive. But I’ve found a great, frugal hack for hanging large, personal photos in my house.

  1. Find a large picture frame that you love. Don’t worry about the picture inside the frame, just focus on the frame itself. Find one that matches your decor, the mood, or theme you’re creating in your home. Make sure it doesn’t have any nicks or blemishes in it. I have found some awesome frames at Ross, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and even thrift stores or consignment stores.
  2. This is a MUST. Flip the frame over and make sure you can remove the image that comes with the frame. Sometimes this can take some cutting of the mounting or backing but MAKE SURE you can remove the image.
  3. Find a personal photo you love and print it to the size that will fit in your frame. My faves were squares, so I had to print a large 12”x16” image and cut it down to 12”x12”. Side note: If you’re printing a large image, don’t use one from Instagram; the quality is not high enough and your image will likely be grainy or pixilated. Edit your image in a different app or program.
  4. Cut open the back of your frame by using an X-acto knife or sharp scissors.                                 
  5. Clean the glass on both sides and mount your picture for the frame. Use photo-safe clear tape on the back of the image to hold it in place on the mounting.
  6. Hang your image and be impressed with how resourceful you are.

Here’s my finished project! I absolutely love them and the images are so much more special to me than the previous still life paintings that came with the frames. Plus, they are huge! It’s hard to tell in the picture above but the images are 12″x12″ and the frames are 3’x3′.

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Julia Wallace
Julia and her husband moved from Southern California to Texas in 2014. They love exploring their new home state and finding fun things to do with their two sons who were born in 2015 and 2018. She studied Theology and Fine Arts in college and enjoys using that unique combination in daily life! She’s spent many years working at her church with women, children and youth ministry. Before moving to Texas she owned a dance studio where she loved to help people realize their passions and talents in dance and acting. She is now enjoying the daily adventures of Mom life while writing about faith, family life, photography, and healthy food on her blog, SouthernMercy.wordpress.com and on Instagram @jewelswallace. Recently, she and her husband have started on a Foster to Adoption journey and are looking forward to the adventures that await.