The Last Water Bottle You’ll Ever Need {Iron Flask}

This post has been sponsored by Iron Flask. All opinions are 100% our own.

I have reached my limit with single use plastic. I’m not saying I never partake, but you know what raises my blood pressure on sight? Those mini plastic bottles that contain about 2 swigs of water. You know the ones. WHY do these exist? HOW is that a good idea? It makes me nuts.

The plastic bottled water era has been a blight. We know better at this point. Let’s make a change! I have an excellent replacement for you: Iron Flask.

Reusable water bottles have been getting more and more attention: for sustainability, for encouraging hydration throughout the day…even as the latest thing to cover with stickers. My kids are very into that aspect (so am I, to be honest).

Iron Flask is top tier. They make modern, durable, sustainable bottles and containers in lots of sizes. They have functional accessories, BPA-free lids, and double-walled vacuum technology to keep drinks hot or cold for longer (24 hours for cold drinks and up to 12 hours for hot).

I’m all about the luxe look and feel, fun color choices, and great price points. Iron Flask is more affordable than other brands of this same high quality. Reducing plastic waste and saving money? What a delightful combo.

Iron Flask insulated water bottle
Insulated stainless steel, 24oz Narrow Mouth model

When you buy a water bottle from Iron Flask, they give you three different styles of lids at no extra cost. In fact, pretty much all of their products come with a variety of bonus lids or accessories.

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Iron Flask insulated water bottle
My new best friend.

I just replaced my decade-old, non-insulated water bottle with their 32-oz. Narrow Mouth and couldn’t be more pleased. I like to run at a track near my house, but by the end of a summer run, the water in my old bottle would be straight up hot. Not very refreshing. Iron Flask = TOTAL UPGRADE.

You know how getting new workout clothes can help motivate you? Turns out, getting a new water bottle has the same effect. I’m all excited to use it this summer!


Iron Flask would be a great gift. The kids gave my husband this wood-grain style 28-oz. Tumbler for Father’s Day. It’s slim enough to fit in a cup holder but big enough to hold a lot of water. For reference, a bottle of wine is around 25 ounces (meaning you could pour wine into this baby and bring it to your next picnic, nice and chilled).

Iron Flask best insulated water bottle

Sports, road trips, school lunches, campouts, workouts—instead of using plastic bottled water for any of these, do Earth a kindness and invest in a few Iron Flasks. We got along just fine without the plastic option when we were kids, ya know? Let’s focus on sustainability from here on out.


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