Sylvan Learning: A Great Solution to a Massive Problem

This post is sponsored by Sylvan Learning, but the content and ideas are 100% my own.

If you’re a mom of school-aged kids like me, we’ve got one major thing on our mind: How is my kid going to catch up after being out of school for so long?

In a recent study, it was predicted that children would return to the school year with only 70 percent of what they’d learned previously in reading and only 50 percent of math skills. For the vast majority of the school population, children missed out on formal education for an extended period, which was a significant setback. Now, we’re left picking up the pieces.

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in all our life plans. Travel, play dates, mom’s nights out, shopping, and school. Whether you’ve opted to send your child back to school or engage in school at home, there are a few things we can all do at home to help get our child back on track and caught up with their studies.

Focus on the Basics & Don’t Forget the Help

Utilize assessment tools. In the school setting, our child will most likely be tested at the beginning of the school year to know how much knowledge they’ve retained in the six months since being out of school.

This data will tell us where our children are lagging. What we’ll learn about our child is that while they have declined in math, for example, they may have excelled in reading. That tells us we’ll need to center our learning initiatives on what has been missed. Good to know!

Focus on the basics. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are the foundation of all knowledge. As long as we can read, write, and compute, we can succeed.

If we know where our children are lacking, we can then focus on how to help them catch up. In this way, we’re not overwhelming our children with all the work, only the fundamentals of learning that serve as the foundation with which all knowledge is built. 

Get personalize guidance. Having qualified helpers working with our children is invaluable. Frankly, this is why I love Sylvan Learning. They offer personalized learning plans for children, and they guarantee results.

Moms, our children need this service! Let me rephrase…we need this service. Most of us aren’t at all qualified to give our children what they need academically. However, Sylvan, which offers drop-off solutions in a safe environment and virtual drop-ins for kids of all ages, feels like a dream come true. 

Send your child to a pod. Pods are small groups where children get the most out of their learning because they’re with other kids at their level. When children are part of a learning pod, they’re paired with others who are learning right along with them, but with way fewer students than at school. Pods can accelerate learning.

If you’re like me, you heard about learning pods throughout the Summer, definitely as the school year began. Moms were scrambling (me included!) figuring out how they were going to get a small group together plus find a qualified person to do the teaching. I never did find a suitable person I could trust. However, Sylvan has perfected this service! Now, we can drop our kids off either a full-day or half-day with a small group of kids who are prescreened for safety through the pandemic.

No Child Left Behind—Really!

Frankly, we’ve entered a different world of learning, haven’t we? With that said, we’re doing everything we can to get our kids back on track, so they continue learning. Have you ever heard your kids tell you how much they wished they were back in school more than in the last six months? 

This is a reminder for us all…our kids love to learn! We owe it to them and ourselves to help them, and us, by utilizing their service to help our children.

At Sylvan, they are committed to families and growing children. They’ve been a thriving business for over 35 years. I don’t know about you, but this is a company I can trust. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Sylvan Learning is the place to get our kids all caught up. To learn more about Sylvan Learning, check out their social channels:


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