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As moms, we know the benefits of self-care.

As moms, we also know the benefits of shopping for impact.

Imagine how remarkable it is to do both at the same time!

Enter Soap Hope

Soap Hope is one of those rare and extraordinary companies where you can shop for impact. At Soap Hope, 100% of the profits support inclusion efforts for people with disabilities.

Soap Hope believes that even the simplest business can change the world—and anyone can do it. The company started when two friends sat down together at a dining room table to discuss a dream that would make a difference. At the time, both of their families were striving to live non-toxic, sustainable lifestyles, so it made sense to combine healthy living and helping others into one effort.

Today, they have a warehouse, a team, and thousands of natural and organic products for body, beauty, and home, and they’re expanding their inventory and influence every day. I’ve tried their products and can say from experience that they’re top quality and smell absolutely delightful!

But most importantly, your purchase touches the lives of individuals with disabilities—and untapped potential.

Soap Hope’s Mission: Inclusion

Soap Hope provides support to organizations that train, place, and support people with disabilities. Their focus is on diversity and inclusion, improving community engagement, and helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities find rewarding and supported employment opportunities.

And every time you shop with them, you support these organizations, too.

Soap Hope’s Philosophy: All Natural

Soap Hope cares about what we moms put in, and on, our bodies, and what we buy for our families. They know that with all the choices for “natural products” it can be difficult to sort through what ingredients are acceptable. That’s why they’ve created their own simple-to-follow rating system for all their products.

Every product at Soap Hope is rated Good, Better, or Best.

Orders placed from their online store are shipped using biodegradable packing peanuts that ensure your products make it to you safe and sound while protecting our earth. The FDA-compliant packing peanuts dissolve in water, leaving behind no toxic waste. Just another way that Soap Hope is looking out for you and the planet!

Soap Hope’s Impact: Priceless

Supporting a person with a disability is like dropping a boulder in a pond. Major ripple effects are felt in every direction: Colleagues, companies, and the community all benefit from a single purchase…and so do YOU! Your next self-care routine can do more good than you imagined when you shop at Soap Hope.

Learn more about Soap Hope:


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