Putting the Fat Where It Belongs: A Diet Alternative from Dr. Bradley Hubbard

This post has been sponsored by Dr. Bradley Hubbard, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to bring you information on his new procedure.
bradley-hubbard-collin-county-moms-blog-dieting-doesnt-workMany of us have been there. The baby weight is flying off…and then comes those last 10 pounds. 
You bust that booty (literally) in the gym, spend months watching your calorie intake and passing on those Diet Cokes, and for whatever reason, those last few pounds cling to your body for dear life — and in all the wrong places. 
For some of us, that last little bit of weight may never go away, so wouldn’t it be nice if those extra pounds would leave your unwanted areas, and be utilized in the areas of your body you wish they would hang out in? 
Thanks to the help of Dr. Bradley Hubbard, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Plano, a new specialized procedure can remove full areas of unwanted fat and transfer that fat back into areas that need more volume. 

Transferring the Fat

Something you may not know, your body fat can be injected into any body area where healthy tissue lives through a safe procedure called Fat Transfer. This procedure helps restore volume to areas that you’d like to appear fuller and more natural by harvesting live fat cells through liposuction. The most common areas to inject are the breasts (for augmentation or to correct asymmetry), buttocks (to make the butt look lifted, augmented or more smooth), face (to correct decreased fullness of cheeks), under scars or acne scars, and under cellulite dimples. 
The fat cells are injected underneath the deeper layers of the skin and becomes a permanent filler for those areas you’re looking to see longer lasting results.

What are the Benefits? 

It’s a common misconception that new fat cells develop through unhealthy lifestyles. Would you believe it if you knew that you are born with the same number of fat cells that you die with? Contrary to popular believe, fat cells do not reproduce! 
If you find yourself gaining weight after children or during various stages of life, this isn’t because your body has produced new fat cells. Your fat cells grow and shrink and those “problem” areas are simply areas with a higher number of concentrated fat cells. 
Results from using the Fat Injection procedure on a deep scar.
Results after 3 weeks from using the fat injection procedure on a deep scar.
Through fat injections, those fat cells will grow and shrink with your body, but the proportions or distribution of fat cells in your body have changed forever. And don’t worry, if you do end up gaining weight again, there’s no concern about a “new” problem area. To have a new problem area fat cells would have to multiply somewhere and that doesn’t happen. Every part of you will grow and shrink proportionally. 
To effectively show how the procedure can transform, Dr. Hubbard has created a private link for our readers to see some additional “Before & After” photos. WARNING: Due to the graphic nature of the images, these are considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Click here to see more.  

Be Aware of the Risks! 

Dr. Hubbard wants to ensure that every one of his patients (and potential patients) not only knows the benefits of his procedures, but also the risks. Wherever you begin your search, it’s important to keep these facts in mind: 
  • Cosmetic Surgeon . . .  Aesthetic Surgeon . . .  Facial Plastic Surgeon. These may all be titles you’ve heard of or will come across, but beware! These are titles that are not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Which means, people using these titles could have had extensive training or a weekend course. There is no regulation of their education by a governing body. 
  • Be careful of specialists recommending large volume fat injection. If you have a fuller figure, perhaps doing your liposuction and fat grafting in 1-3 separate procedures would be wise. There have been numerous complications including patient death, and almost always the cause is too much fat injected, too much fat removal, or a fake plastic surgeon. 
  • Dallas has many world class plastic surgeons, and there is no reason to travel for quality. The only reason to travel wound be decreased cost. The decreased cost is especially true south of the border. If this is an option you’re looking into, use extreme caution! There have been so many patient deaths and complications from traveling plastic surgery. Remember that if 1 of every 1000 patients dies, this is totally unacceptable. Even if your friend had a successful procedure in the Dominican Republic, this does not imply safety for you!

Friends don’t let friends travel for these procedures!

  • And remember to be cautious and do your research! Liposuction can be done safely in the office with sedation and numbing injections; however, this also opens the window for many “fake” plastic surgeons to perform these procedures outside of regulated facilities. Often non-certified doctors will “spin” the ability to perform procedures “in office” as a positive when in reality they can be dangerous without the proper training in sedation! In your searches, you may come across “awake breast augmentation” or “awake liposuction”; these should sound scary because they are! 

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