Play With Purpose: Join the Fun at Lionheart Trailblazers Summer Club

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Summer. Six little letters that excite children and terrify parents. And for many working parents, there is an extra layer of complication in finding safe, educational, and FUN childcare options that their school-aged children won’t complain about attending. 

Lionheart Trailblazers Summer Club wants to solve that problem. With six locations in and around Collin County, I can almost guarantee there’s a Lionheart Children’s Academy near you. The Trailblazers Summer Club is offered to working parents all summer long and boasts a program full of adventure, friendship, and fun projects. It’s a little bit academic, a little bit character development, and a whole lot of FUN for kids. So, what makes Trailblazers Summer Club different?

5 Reasons to Choose Lionheart Trailblazers This Summer

Field Trips

kids petting a kangaroo at Lionheart Trailblazers Summer Club camp

Confession: Despite holding a master’s degree in education, I was a one-and-done field trip chaperone. I now fully support and endorse the trained professionals escorting those little cherubs to the museums and pumpkin patches. And Trailblazers Camp enriches your child’s learning experiences with both on- and off-site field trips this summer. I don’t know a single child who wouldn’t get excited about that!

Team Building

smiling group of kids at Lionheart Trailblazers Summer Club camp

Lionheart emphasizes character development and faith-based devotions in a big way during the school year, and summers are no different. Learning to engage with peers, resolve conflict, and work together as a team are life skills our school-aged children need more than ever. Through sports activities and engaging exercises, they’ll work on problem solving and becoming team players, both of which will serve them well into adulthood. 

Community Outreach

Building on that, Trailblazers campers will participate in community outreach projects that will help them learn to serve their communities and give back to those around them. As a mom, that means a lot to me, especially in the selfie-obsessed world our kids are growing up in today. There’s so much to be learned through giving of our time and energies to others!

Project-Based Enrichment

teacher and preschool student at school table, Lionheart Children's Academy

Academic enrichment is the last thing a lot of our kids want to do over the summer. But, let’s be honest, it’s so important to not lose academic ground over those three months! Trailblazers has created a fantastic solution: project-based enrichment. This allows children to explore their own interests, foster their curiosity, and showcase their individuality while learning. 

Time to Play

smiling boy at the top of a slide, Lionheart Children's Academy

At the end of the day, kids need to be kids. They need to PLAY. Play is the magic of childhood, and Trailblazers Summer Club allows them to do exactly that in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. If you’re looking for a place where your children can thrive and grow this summer, give your local Lionheart Children’s Academy a call for a tour! 


Allison Ezell
Allison and her husband, Blake, grew up in Dallas and made the move to the 'burbs in 2010 when she began teaching middle school in Frisco. After attending Texas A&M for her undergrad, Allison came back to Dallas to pursue her Master’s in Education from SMU. She has a huge love of writing and taught everything from preschool to eighth grade before obtaining her certification as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Today, McKinney is home for her circus which includes three children (four if you count her husband) and a troublemaking lab. Allison and her husband are both passionate about orphan care and adoption, a calling that led them to their adopted son from China and to pursue their foster care licensing during the pandemic. Keep up with all her shenanigans on Instagram!