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When I first became a mom, I knew that I wanted to make sure my children could swim as soon as possible. Growing up with hot Texas summers means lots of afternoons at the pool and swim birthday parties, not to mention swimming on vacations. It’s important to me that my kids are not afraid of the water, and in the event of falling in, will know what to do.

Once your baby drops from three naps to two, or your toddler from two naps to one, you may feel like you’re ready for an activity. Enter swimming lessons!

Swimming is a life-saving skill everyone should learn. And with positive motivation and fun experiences in the water, kids can develop and retain abilities, strength, and confidence around the pool.

Solari Swim School offers three types of swim lessons:

During the winter and spring, Solari Swim School holds its Private and Semi-Private Lessons at the Hampton Inn & Suites in The Colony.

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If you have a timid toddler, Solari is perfect because you get to be in the water with them during the lesson. The swim instructor coaches kids through the movements and exercises, but your little one will have you right there.

When we arrived for our swim lesson with Solari Swim School at the Hampton Inn & Suites in The Colony, we were greeted by Mr. Manny, the instructor. Mr. Manny has been teaching swim for 24 years, and it’s clear he has a passion for helping children develop confidence in the water.

During our class—with one other mom and toddler—we did movements through the water, played with sensory toys, helped our kids work on breath control under water, and more. It was a great way to introduce babies and toddlers to swimming.


The Semi-Private Swim Lesson is a really good option, especially if you have friends with preschoolers. It would be a fun (and convenient) way to spend a morning with your little one and other moms. An added bonus: It’ll likely lead into a solid nap. My 14-month-old daughter fell asleep in the car on the way home, and she RARELY falls asleep in the car!

Solari currently offers classes on Tuesday and Wednesday between 9am–12pm AND 4–7pm, by appointment. I love that they have morning and evening options! Group ‘Parent & Baby’ Classes are held at 10:30am for parents with babies between 6 and 28 months.

Group ‘Parent & Baby’ Classes are great for helping infants and young toddlers get comfortable in the water, develop motor and social skills, and strengthen the parent/child bond. Once babies reach a certain age and skill level, they are encouraged to continue developing their skills in a class without parent assistance.

💦Solari Swim School is currently offering 10% off to all new students who enroll in a 6-week session!


Solari Swim School is family-owned and operated. Their passion is teaching swim lessons to babies, children, and adults in a calm and caring environment where they feel safe, happy, and accomplished. Their motto is “Swim for fun, Swim for life.”

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