Parish Episcopal: An Inclusive School Where ALL Belong

This post is sponsored by Parish Episcopal School, but the opinions here are 100% our own.

Bold Leaders.
Critical Thinkers. Creative Learners.
Effective Communicators.

Many institutions claim a stake in diversity and stress the importance of building a community, but at Parish Episcopal School, they don’t just tell you what they mean, they show you. As a mom in the community, this, friends, is a breath of fresh air!

Parish Episcopal School is reimagining school. They are grounded in a values-rich, service-oriented mission that guides their students through the college preparatory experience. They aim to honor the student’s voice, meet children where they are academically, socially, and culturally, help students build lifelong habits of excelling, and create conditions in which students are engaged in work that feels purposeful and meaningful.parish global community

Inclusive Community

The very mission of Parish Episcopal School is that of wisdom, honor, and service. They have created an inclusive community in which students feel like they belong. Regardless of background, race, gender, ideas, family structures, political affiliation or religious tradition, this school focuses on preparing world citizens.

At Parish, serving two campuses, students are welcomed into small classes with an 8:1 ratio in lower schools and a 17:1 ratio in middle and high schools. They offer honors, AP, and duel-credit courses and have nationally recognized programs like STEM, Leadership Institute, and global education. There are over 60 athletic teams encompassing 22 sports, a diverse arts program with over 150 programs per year, study-abroad programs, and even adult classes. With over 1000 students coming from over 100 zip codes, there is literally something for every student at Parish Episcopal School. 

Global Awareness

The leaders at Parish are intentionally influential in their charge; their core values reflect their awareness of individuality while being steeped in global awareness. They have the purposeful intention of honoring student voices, helping them master new curriculum as they are ready. The work the children are doing at Parish is rich with meaning, and the students feel that. 

There cannot be enough emphasis on the intentional drive of Parish Episcopal to welcome all students into a diverse environment that stimulates social, spiritual, and intellectual growth. The leaders inspire the children to be authentic while respecting the rich tapestry of people and points of view at their campus, which mimics the complex global society

With so many private schools to choose from in Dallas, Parish Episcopal School should be one of the top schools to tour. There is a solid foundation of quality built into the fabric of every program at Parish; they’re ready to receive you and your family into the community.


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