Family Always Comes First at Lionheart Children’s Academy

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When I was a preschool teacher, I remember one particular parent conference where I surprised a mother. She came in to discuss a behavior struggle we were having with her daughter at nap time, but I wanted to know a little bit about the rest of the family. Were there any other children in the home? Pets? Did either parent travel for work? She looked at me incredulously—almost as if she couldn’t believe I would take the time to discuss anything with her other than her daughter’s behavior.

The truth is that a child’s background and home life play a huge role in their educational success. By taking the time to get to know her family, I could potentially unlock some strategies that would help her improve in my classroom. And no one understands this more than the staff at Lionheart Children’s Academy.

With eight locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, there’s sure to be a Lionheart Children’s Academy near you! They believe all hard-working parents deserve excellent and affordable child care, so they are open from 6:30am to 6pm year round, serving children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Parent Partnership

One of the most unique things about Lionheart Children’s Academy is their commitment to their families. And when I say families, I mean the whole family. Yes, they want to teach and care for your child, but the rest of the family matters, too!

Each location has both an Academic Director and a Community Director on staff to bring this vision to life. The Community Director’s focus is building authentic relationship with the rest of the family. They believe a huge part of loving your child is also taking time to get to know the people that come with them, so they take the time to invest in everyone.

Celebrating Milestones

I’ll never forget the first time my daughter crawled. After dealing with some mild delays and occupational therapy during her first year, this was a huge win. I couldn’t wait to tell anyone who would listen about her success.

The teachers at Lionheart Children’s Academy feel the exact same way! They truly want every child to succeed, so in their classrooms, milestones are celebrated! And when kids need just a little bit of extra support or encouragement, they are committed to walking alongside the parents to help that child grow and improve.

Building a Foundation for the Future

Another core belief at Lionheart Children’s Academy is that early childhood education is not only about building readiness for success in school, but also for success in life. Their whole-child and faith-based curriculum focuses on sending children out into the world who are well rounded. By emphasizing physical, social-emotional, and spiritual development from a young age, children are set up with a foundation of values and morals that lay the groundwork for an easy transition into the school years. Speaking as a former teacher, I can tell you what an incredible gift that is!

If you are looking for a school for your little ones that prioritizes fun and family, call your local campus and schedule a tour today!

Check out Lionheart Children’s Academy at their website


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