An Unparalleled Portrait Experience: Nathaniel Hoppe Photography

Collin County Moms Blog received a complimentary session with Nathaniel Hoppe Photography to provide this review. All opinions are our own.

In the age of camera phones, it’s easy to document the lives of our children. Never again will we miss their first step or their first word because our phone is always within reach. But when you flip back through those photos, how often do you see yourself in the pictures? How many of those images are you in front of the camera?

And of those few pictures, how many are printed, framed, and hanging on your walls? How many grace the pages of photo albums for your children and grandchildren to enjoy for years to come?

Nathaniel Hoppe PhotographyAs a child I always enjoyed flipping through my grandparent’s old photo albums. It was fun to get a glimpse into my family’s history. However, throughout all the pages, the pictures that stood out the most were the stoic portraits of my grandparents in their prime. I would stare at the photos for ages, just imagining what life was like back then.

And now with a family of my own, I enjoy flipping through photos of my parents in their prime. Not only is it fun to reminisce with my children, giving them a glimpse into their family’s history, but I know as time goes by, this is how I will remember my parents for years to come.

So as I swipe through the thousands of images on my phone and notice not one resembles the portraits I’ve treasured seeing of my parents and grandparents, my heart breaks. My children will have digital images of their first bubble bath and they can watch videos of their first bike ride, but they do not have any pictures of their mom as they will want to remember her. They will not be able to physically flip through photo albums, sharing our family’s history with their children.

So I was very excited when I heard Nathaniel Hoppe, a certified professional photographer who specializes in maternity, newborn, and family photography, started offering beauty portraits. I knew I needed to get a sessions scheduled ASAP . . . not just for me, but for my family.

And, after a once in a lifetime experience, I am beyond grateful that I did.

Not only does Nathaniel (Nate) create photographic masterpieces (no need to lose 5 pounds before the shoot), but it’s the experience that sets this husband and wife team apart.

My session started with a pre-consultation with Nate’s wife Tracy. When she offered to come over to my house, I assumed it was Tracy being overly nice. However, once she arrived I realized that was only a small part of the reason. All artwork is designed to fit seamlessly into your space, so the best way to do that is to actually visit your home.

After viewing my home’s décor and answering a few questions about my personal style, we discussed wardrobe options before I picked out my menu for the shoot. Yes, you read that right. All sessions come with a customizable meal of choice. And as someone who is gluten free, I was pleasantly surprised when Tracy said no problem, she’d make sure the chef (chef!) was aware of my sensitivity.

The next few weeks leading up to the session couldn’t go by fast enough. I was initially pretty nervous, but after meeting Tracy, her sweet demeanor really put me at ease. She’s one of those people who feels like a friend right away. She was also very helpful as I consulted with her several times on wardrobe options, sending her links and pictures of possible outfits.

Nathaniel Hoppe PhotographyWhen the day finally arrived, my nerves came back, but quickly disappeared with a warm welcome from Nate and Tracy. I immediately felt comfortable as we chatted over breakfast, and took a little bit of time to relax before hair and make-up.

After filling my tummy, I was offered a mimosa which I thoroughly enjoyed while getting pampered. The hair and make-up artist was amazing, not only did she spoil me with a lot of compliments, but she did a great job forewarning me with what to expect.

Once the photo shoot began, I was absolutely blown away. Nate was very organized and professional, yet very friendly and approachable. He was an amazing coach, giving me easy to follow directions in order to get the perfect shot. He was also hilarious, easily getting me to laugh for those genuine smiles shots.

The partnership between Nate and Tracy is amazing.

They make a wonderful team and complement each other very well. While Nate is behind the camera, Tracy is making sure not a single hair is out of place. She did everything from holding the blow dryer for that glamorous wind-blown looks, to adjusting my dress and helping Nate get the next background set up while I was changing outfits. They were also very encouraging and did a great job boosting my confidence.

I could really go on and on about how amazing the day was. Nate and Tracy have a goal that when you look at your photos, you will remember the day with fondness. I can say without a doubt, that I enjoyed every minute of that session. I cannot remember the last time I was pampered so well; the experience was truly unforgettable.

But that’s not even the best part, the photos Nate created are incredible, plus the big reveal was pretty fun!

A couple weeks after the session, my husband and I returned to their house, greeted with drinks and a sweet treat. After getting comfortable, we were given a matted proof of each edited photo. Nate will edit anywhere from 20-60 photos, depending on the session. From there you are given the tough task of deciding which photos you want to keep. I loved having the tangible prints in hand vs only viewing a digital proof.

Once selected, they offer various packages ranging from museum quality matted prints to leather bound photo albums and framed artwork.

I highly recommend scheduling a beauty portrait session with Nathaniel Hoppe Photography. Not only did I enjoy getting these photos taken, but now my children will have photos of their mom to enjoy for years to come. This unforgettable experience coupled with absolutely stunning photos, is truly once in a lifetime.

For more information on Nathaniel Hoppe Photography, to schedule a session, or to learn about what services they offer, you can give then a call at (214) 906-7303, or visit them online!

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