Be A Minimalist Without Getting Rid Of Anything

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What’s the view when you open a closet in your home? Any danger of stuff cartoonishly spilling out? This is a common problem for those of us who struggle with that whole minimalist aesthetic.

My current home is quite a bit “cozier” than our last place. And we have no garage! I did some serious paring down before we moved, but there’s plenty I was just not willing to part with—furniture from the guest room we no longer have, a sprawling collection of holiday decorations, leftover art supplies from years of projects, camping gear, and miscellaneous sporting goods…I want to keep this stuff for future use, but I do not want it jammed in every available nook and cranny of my house.

At a certain point, it makes no sense to get rid of things you paid good money for and intend to use again. And we can’t all be Martha Stewart with whole rooms dedicated to our milk glass collection or whatever! That’s where Callbox Storage comes in. They’re doing storage differently, by embracing technology to bring you the most convenient storage facility imaginable. And, of course, the key word here for moms is “convenient.” I cannot stress enough how great this is, y’all.

Callbox StorageHere’s how it works:

  • Set up your account online or call (833) WE-STORE/(833) 937-8673 to select your unit size and schedule a pick-up.
  • Callbox pros come to your house to pick up your boxed items and furniture for FREE. Don’t even worry about that heavy stuff!
  • They inventory your items with barcodes and photos, then transport everything to your climate-controlled/security-monitored storage unit.
  • When you need something from your unit, log in to your account, select the photos of the item(s) you need, and schedule a return delivery. Callbox brings it back to you (up to five items for FREE) within 48 hours!

Talk about streamlined. Doesn’t this just feel like a company of the future? Embrace it!


Need more info?

  • Units – Callbox offers 8 different unit sizes, from 2’x2′ cubbies to enough space for the contents of a 3-bedroom home. During pick-up they can work with you to determine what your storage needs are. If it turns out you don’t need as much space as you thought? No problem, they’ll let you know and a Storage Coordinator will get it sorted out.
  • Pick-up/Delivery – Callbox wants you to feel safe and comfortable. Service pros verify their identity, wear shoe covers inside your home, and load and unload your possessions with care. 
  • Price – Very comparable to the other self-storage companies who do not provide pick-up and delivery or anything cool like photo inventories. It costs much less than you’d expect. Click here for pricing breakdowns on the different units.



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Going to a storage unit and rooting around for something is a total drag (whether I have my kids with me or not, honestly), and if the kids are with me? That errand is almost 100% getting blown off. I’ll end up never getting the dang fishing poles, and my children will never know the joys of sitting on the dock of the bay. Callbox Storage changes all that! You need to check it out.

*Regular billing starts 12/1/17


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