10 Ways To Activate Awesome at the New Urban Air Adventure Park in McKinney

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If you’re anything like me, you have visited an Urban Air location in the past for the sole purpose of wearing your energized children out. And it totally works out because my kids’ one request is always any place where they are able to run, jump and get all the sillies out. So when we heard there was an Urban Air Adventure Park opening up closer to us (we’re in Allen; typically we visit the Urban Air Frisco) we were excited and looking forward to seeing what this Adventure Park had in store. 


What To Know Before You Go To Urban Air:

  • Urban Air Adventure Park in McKinney is located on the southwest corner of Hardin and Eldorado in McKinney- 3150 Hardin Boulevard, McKinney, TX 75070.
  • They are open seven days a week. Times vary by the time of year- click here for more details on specific days.
  • You can easily spend over two hours here if you have two or more children.
  • There is free WiFi as well as plenty of seating for parents to observe and relax while the kids play.
  • There is a full-service café on site that has everything from pizza (cheese and pepperoni), nachos, popcorn, mozzarella sticks, and corn dogs to Gatorade, fountain drinks, coffee, tea, beer and wine. YES, you read that correctly: this location serves domestic and craft beer as well as wine ($5 bottle) for adults.                                                                          
  • There is signage stating that if you consume an alcoholic beverage, you will NOT be able to continue participating in any attractions.
  • No personal socks are allowed. Urban Air sells slide-proof socks for $2.50/pair.
  • Kids 5 and under are $8.99, a Parent Pass is $5.99, the Ultimate Pass that includes all attractions is $24.99.
  • There are monthly membership passes available per child (ranging from $6.99 to $17.99/month/child). You can add an adult memberhship for $2.99 to any child membership. The membership will only be good for this park location and are for a 12-month period. 
  • There are plenty of cubbies throughout the park for shoes and jacket storage as well as some lockers for rent.
  • Fill out this waiver before going to maximize your play time!

10 Ways to Activate Awesome at Urban Air Adventure Park McKinney

  1. The Adventure Hub® is the first thing that catches your eye once you enter. It consists of a Sky Rider coaster, Ropes Course, and Tubes Indoor Playground, all of which are suitable for adults to toddlers (height restrictions for Sky Rider and Ropes Course).                                                                                                                    Adventure Hub
  2. The Sky Rider Coaster is like nothing I have seen in an indoor adventure park before. I had one child who was of adequate height requirement to brave this ride and he loved it! The Sky Rider takes one person at a time soaring overhead through the majority of the park and appeared to be a thrilling experience, as I activated my awesome from the ground
  3. The Ropes Course was another attraction that takes fun to new heights! This fun obstacle tested my kids on agility, balance, and courage. I felt completely at ease since they were well harnessed through this course.
  4. The Tubes Indoor Playground was the favorite spot for my toddler. At a mere three years old and just under three feet tall, this playground let him run, crawl, and climb. The indoor playground was perfect for him because of all the padded fixtures and bars as well as the fast slides to get back down to the ground level.                                                                                                            Climbing wall                                                 
  5. The Climbing Wall was where my older boys spent quite a bit of time as well. I don’t know if it was the sense of achievement once they reached the top or the free-falling back down once they had completed each of the five different climbing walls, but this attraction was hard to part from.  
  6. The Warrior Course was where my boys could compete as if they were one of those popular warrior show on TV and fall into a pit of plastic bubbles! Warrior Course  
  7. Keeping with the spirit of friendly competition Wipeout and Battle Beam were the next favorites for the older kids as they could see who was the last kid standing!                   
  8. Dodgeball was always a favorite P.E. sport for me, and now my kids get to experience it with the added bonus of trampolines.      
  9. The next three spots my kids enjoyed were the ProZone Performance Trampolines, Slam Dunk Zone, and RunwayTumble Track– all of which are trampoline attractions. ProZone Performance trampoline are at the very entrance to this location and give you a sense of defying gravity- very cool! The Slam Dunk Zone was popular with my basketball player as he could feel like a pro getting a dunk. The Runway Tumble Track gave each boy a safe place to practice a flip without the fear of running into other people. 
  10. The APEX Trampolines are the whole reason my kids enjoy going to Urban Air in the first place.  Anytime they wanted to take a break from the many obstacles, they’d come jBattle Beamump around on the trampolines. This space is also the perfect place for the toddler of my bunch (seeing as many attractions do have a height requirement); he activated awesome while bouncing around from trampoline to trampoline with mom and dad.   

Last thoughts:

It’s easy to see why Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park has been voted BEST gym in America for kids by Shape Magazine, BEST place to take energetic kids, and BEST trampoline park. This place has it all—check out their numerous awards here.

I see us coming to this location sometime in the near future (say Spring break and/or Summer break). Oh, and one of my boys already called dibs on having his birthday here!  So, that says a lot in itself.  

Be sure to check this place out soon, because Urban Air McKinney really does have ALL THE THINGS


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