New Year, New Baby

We are only a few weeks into 2019 and there’s a lot for me to look forward to this upcoming year. As I am writing this, I am currently 37.5 weeks pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my second child. I’ve been planning and prepping all last year, and now, 2019 is here and I am ready. Whether you are a new mom or seasoned pro, a new baby in a new year is an exciting adventure for anyone. 

My husband is a January baby and he says January babies always get the short end of the stick because no one wants to celebrate a birthday after the holidays. But I think the opposite: a January baby (and subsequent) birthdays are a great way to celebrate and start a new year. Having a new life is, in my opinion, the best way to start off any year.  

A new year means resolutions for most people. Resolutions require that we do something or accomplish something in a set amount of time. But when you’re facing a new year with a newborn, the baby can bring joy and tension to any family…so if you’re brave enough to make resolutions, think short-term. Resolutions don’t have to span over a long period of time. Know that your children start every day over with a new sense of purpose and wonder. As parents, sometimes we forget to think small and cherish every day as a new start. Through the sleepless nights, sibling adjustment issues, and cluster feeding, try to find joy and happiness in something every day.

The end of 2018 was a tad bittersweet for my family. It was my son’s last Christmas as an only child; it was our last Christmas as a family of three, knowing that our dynamic was about to change a few short weeks. A new year is a fresh start to new ideas and new plans for most families, but for our family especially, 2019 is about to be completely different. We have prepared my son with books and numerous talks about what’s about to happen to him and our entire family. 

I haven’t had a newborn for over two years, and I am scared and anxious to start this wild adventure again. For our family, this will be the last addition and will complete our family. It is bittersweet to think that this will be my last pregnancy and as my third trimester comes to a close, I am trying to hold onto the sweet memories of both of my pregnancies and remember what miracles both of my babies are.

Whether it’s your first or fourth child, each one is a joy and every small moment should be cherished. Take time to remember the wonder and love that your family brings to you every month and for the rest of the year. 

Ashley Chan
Ashley was born and raised in North Texas and settled down in Frisco. She met her husband while playing intramural basketball at UNT. Ashley taught Pre-K and then was a trainer for a technology company until having her little one.She loves cooking, going for walks with the whole family and watching HGTV and Food Network. She's loves to keep up with the latest tech gadgets and is the nerd of the family. She and her husband own pandachans productions, which specialize in video production. She spends her free time trying to finish her adult coloring book, reading the news and enjoying home life with her little one.