A Guide to Baby Wearing: Top Picks from the CCMB Writers

Babywearing was a term I first heard about back in 2013 when I became pregnant with our son. Babywearing is the practice of wearing your baby or toddler in a sling or carrier. I think I was destined to be a baby wearer. (Funny enough I wore my yorkie in a sling up until I had real children.) I had seen a few friends using a Baby Bjorn and we all saw the

I had seen a few friends using a Baby Bjorn and we all saw the Hangover when baby Carlos was decked out in sunnies hanging off of Zack Galifinakas. An entire industry of babywearing mothers, fathers, grandmothers, even baby wearing babies exists! Needless to say, it fascinated me and I dove head first into figuring out which carrier would be best.

I’ve put together this post hoping it will give you some insight into a handful of carriers that my fellow mom friends and I have used to carry our babies.

Softest, sweetest and snuggliest: Solly, $65

Oh how I loved snuggling up my little babies in this one. It took some practice but Solly’s website clears up any confusion with easy tutorials on how to safely babywear using their fabric carriers. The patterns are so delicate, the colors are gorgeous and the buttery soft feel of certified Lenzing modal fabric makes this wrap my favorite infant carrier.

When I started to see leg rolls on the babies and my back started to hurt while wearing I knew our Solly baby wearing days were almost over. These wraps are designed for babies up to 9 months or 25 pounds or so, whichever comes first.

However, once they outgrow this wrap it can double as an on the go blanket and fits nicely in the bottom of the diaper bag.


Trendiest, sleekest, hippie mama look: Sakura Ring Sling, $140 and up

This one was a Christmas present because of its hefty price tag. The Nappy Shoppe in Plano has their entire Linen and Silk collections to feel and try on. I started with a Linen blend and later ended up splurging on the Silk because it was so beautiful and offered enough support to carry my baby for a few hours at a time. With much practice I was able to conveniently nurse in the Sakura ring sling. 


Cutest patterns, An Ergo without the Bulk: Tula, $149 and up

It goes without saying that the Tula is sleeker and takes up a bit less hip space. The patterns are cute and trendy without being too babyish or gender conforming. I also feel like it’s a bit more cuddlier than some of the bulkier structured carriers on the market such as the Ergo. My baby wearing obsession led me to the Buy, Sell Trade world of Tula. The going rate of a Conversion Tula on ebay is $350. 350 dollars for a used carrier. Tula unique patterns, especially limited editions, and overall quality make them keep their value. Sidenote: Sakura Ring Slings BST sites show that they too keep their value!


Most Versatile & Will Stand the Test of Time & Weight Limits: Ergo, $130 and up

Over all slings and wraps, I have found that the Ergo might as well be renamed Old Faithful. In my opinion, it offers the most support during all stages from newborn to toddler. For the little ones, there is an additional insert that snuggle the baby in and also a pillow that you put at the base of the pack. It helps
raise the baby up so they’re nuzzled softly on your chest. I remember a baby wearing expert telling me that you know you’re baby wearing right if you can easily give your child a kiss on the top of the head without leaning or straining. Sidenote: Also, make sure their hips make a W shape.

In the Ergo 360, you can forward carry, inside carry, back carry and even side carry on the hip. I found it quite easy to discreetly nurse in the Ergo 360 as well.


Another CCMB favorite is the Boba, $59 and up

“I can fit it in my bag, and easily wash and dry it. It grows with my baby and I can use it for other things like a blanket or a cover. Although it’s a huge piece of fabric, it can come in handy in certain situations.”



How do you babywear? Let us know your favorite carriers in the comments below!

Sarah Shiplett
Sarah is a yoga teacher and stay at home mom of two beautiful darlings. Born and raised in Plano, TX, she moved away for college at the University of Kansas. After studying Journalism at KU (Rock Chalk), Sarah moved back home to attend SMU where she received a MA degree in Advertising and studied abroad in India. Married in 2012 to love of her life Kyle, they took to the suburbs in Allen to start a family. She is now is a stay at home mom with her two babies, Everett Brave (2 years-old) and Winnie Grace (6 months-old). Sarah is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and teaches Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga in the Allen and North Dallas area. Former Lululemon Ambassador for Dallas, she loves being part of the yoga community and sharing the gift of yoga to people of all ages, levels and life stages. “Yoga inspires, creates, manages those little places in our lives, in our hearts that need to open just a little bit more. When we open our hearts, we open our life up to such joy. It all starts on the mat, and slowly a transformation will unfold.” Sarah believes she was put on this earth to be a mother, teaching her children the importance of love and kindness along the way.