Episode 11 :: The Truth About Fostering with Allison Ezell {Collin County Moms’ Connection}

fostering a child in DFW

Allison Ezell joins us this week to talk about foster care and adoption, topics deeply personal to her. Find out how the pandemic helped shape her current mindset, how to get licensed to foster in Texas, being a foster family vs. foster parents, the whole deal. She also shares resources and speaks to her experience of the differences between fostering and adoption. Find out how you can help support vulnerable children even if fostering isn’t in your immediate future!


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Guest: Allison Ezell, Collin County Moms contributor and creator of Allison-Ezell.com
Host: Caroline Herschbach, Collin County Moms contributor and creator of ckhcoaching.com

Edited by: Krystal Hurst