With Love, the Not So New Mom

I see you, momma.

I will never forget the patience I was mustering up that one day in the grocery store when everyone wanted to run somewhere different and my fun day of shopping with the kids turned into mindful breathing and a whole new level of patience I didn’t knew I had. A fellow mother, only a touch older than me, caught my eye and simply said, “You’re so patient with them. You remind me of a time I once had my kids in the baking aisle doing the exact same thing. They’re in school now…and I miss those days dearly.”

It was a kind gesture to call me out on my patience, but to be honest I didn’t give it a second thought until the start of school this year.

I was in the grocery store the other day, shopping alone and I suddenly realized I was in the next phase of mommyhood. Both of my children have started their journey through school. Granted, they’re attending school part time, but the resources of having school-aged kiddos finally has begun. I wasn’t expecting the abruptness of it all and it only took that one day in Market Street to realize that my next chapter had started. Instead of wrangling toddlers, I took a good look around.

With a fresh set of eyes, I saw these beautiful women experiencing the mommyhood I so recently waved goodbye to.

I see you, Mom, using the Ergo because it’s the only way to get things done. Schlepping kids around is not for the faint of heart, especially as summer is wrapping up in Texas. You’re perspiring, and that’s OK.

And that mom pushing the teeniest, two-foot-high shopping cart because your son ditched it midway through the pasta aisle. I see you, too.

I see you with a newborn that just needs some boob. We all know what her cries mean and I hope my gaze makes you feel warm, accepted, and supported wherever you choose to nurse her.

I see you, Mom, with the cart piled high with fruits and vegetables and gummy snacks and Oreos that have already been ripped open before touching the conveyor belt. Most days, mine have been, too.

I see you taking more time loading up the car than you were inside the store. Everything you are doing is useful, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

I see you parked in your car next to mine with a blanket over your chest. I know there’s a baby under there nursing and I think y’all are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Keep going.

I see you bolting for the public restroom with a child grabbing his pants. I hope he makes it, but if he doesn’t, you’re one step closer to getting there in time next time.

I see you with that beautiful belly, elastic pants stretched as far as they can go. If no one told you yet today, you are beautiful.

As I leave the store to go get my not-so-little ones, I am reminded of all the mothers that have gone before me who keep telling me “how fast it all goes.” Savor those tiny moments, mommas. I hope I always see myself in you and you see yourself in me.

Sarah Shiplett
Sarah is a yoga teacher and stay at home mom of two beautiful darlings. Born and raised in Plano, TX, she moved away for college at the University of Kansas. After studying Journalism at KU (Rock Chalk), Sarah moved back home to attend SMU where she received a MA degree in Advertising and studied abroad in India. Married in 2012 to love of her life Kyle, they took to the suburbs in Allen to start a family. She is now is a stay at home mom with her two babies, Everett Brave (2 years-old) and Winnie Grace (6 months-old). Sarah is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and teaches Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga in the Allen and North Dallas area. Former Lululemon Ambassador for Dallas, she loves being part of the yoga community and sharing the gift of yoga to people of all ages, levels and life stages. “Yoga inspires, creates, manages those little places in our lives, in our hearts that need to open just a little bit more. When we open our hearts, we open our life up to such joy. It all starts on the mat, and slowly a transformation will unfold.” Sarah believes she was put on this earth to be a mother, teaching her children the importance of love and kindness along the way.